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  1. Getting nervous about 2.7 Engine failures issues

    Has there been something new since the valve issues on the 2021/2022s?
  2. Spectrum has blocked forscan IP address and now I can't resubscribe to forscan anyone else having that problem

    May sound odd, but are you trying to access through work in any way? I have a Verizon hotspot issued by my employer. Most sites work just fine but specifically Forscan and Pastebin are blocked for some reason. You could always just use your phone in 4G mode
  3. Bronco Cheat Codes List

    I've asked every time the window reset procedure gets posted, because even the workshop manual is vague about it... "Press and hold the switch" -- am I pressing to the first detent (open/close) or the second detent (auto-open/auto-close)?
  4. Show me your 3D printed accessories. 3D Prints for Bronco Enthusiasts.

    PM me and I'll send a set off to you. Looks like you have private messages disabled. I need to tweak the design on the hitch blank, mine fell off at some point.
  5. The Look Back

    Choosing parking spots strategically to give the best view on the entire walk back
  6. Bronco seats uncomfortable?

    Add them -- I did in my Flex ;) If the Bronco were mine, I'd have done the retrofit already. Sometimes it would help if people posted their height/build when discussing seat comfort. I'm 5 10, average build, and the Bronco feels fine to me. Better than my 22 Silverado, little worse than my...
  7. Enabling Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Centering

    Take a look at this chart, compare your value to the parameters within. You want whatever is the same but CMbB enabled. https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/enabling-intelligent-adaptive-cruise-control-and-lane-centering.71121/post-2043604
  8. What's an EASY hack/fix that REALLY improved your relationship with your Bronco?

    Afaik you just need to enable it using forscan easymode settings for both IPC and APIM. It'll appear in the Driver Features section of the touchscreen. You need to have the engine running, doors closed, seatbelt buckled in order to toggle the setting.
  9. What's an EASY hack/fix that REALLY improved your relationship with your Bronco?

    Stop-and-Go + Autohold Enable -- i was one of the loudest prerelease critics that this wasn't available from the factory Suma mirrors Onboard battery charger. Our trips are too short and the alternator can't charge the battery enough on its own Adding a rain sensor. I need to tweak the method...
  10. Dash Cam

    Down the driver's side A-pillar to the fusebox near the steering column. I don't remember exactly which fuses I tapped into. The installation for the IAG interior lights shows the "proper" way to run wires down the pillar. I just tucked mine in between the plastic trim and windshield.
  11. Dash Cam

    All of my cars have Thinkware F200 Pros. It's not 4K but still good image quality. Haven't had any issues with any of them. Usually ~$160 on Amazon, comes with a 32GB card. For the rear camera, double-sided tape doesn't like to stick to the plastics. I 3d printed a bigger bracket so the camera...
  12. People flashing their brights

    Aim the lights anyway, even if stock. Both my Bronco and Silverado had the headlights pointed too high from the factory.
  13. Taking delivery, which Ford accessories to get with $800 credit!?

    There's never really a situation to use it where you wouldn't just use the cargo area instead. Granted, we do "campground" camping and not "deep woods" camping. I'm sure there's still drilling involved but could be wrong.
  14. Update: New Front Differential Implodes in 2 miles

    Hopefully it gets resolved soon enough. Mistakes can happen of course. My 22 Silverado was leaking transmission fluid from the factory, and a shop once installed a replacement control arm on the wrong side of my Dodge -- no idea how they got the bolts to line up.
  15. Anyone have any luck with this magnetic drain plug?

    Does the 4cyl use a traditional drain plug? The 2.7 uses a weird new single-use plastic one that dumps all the oil in half a second. https://www.amazon.com/Ford-FT4Z-6730-A-Plug-Oil-Drain/dp/B01JAU88JK
  16. Must slow down to 3mph for 4 High

    Exactly. Sometimes people would complain less if they read the manual and understood how things actually work. Lot easier to do if you have a paper copy. Like the adaptive cruise control -- if you're below the set speed limit and put on your turn signal, the car may intentionally give you a...
  17. Taking delivery, which Ford accessories to get with $800 credit!?

    We had a ton of credit due to the hardtop, ended up buying Sunvisor, tailgate table, tow kit, grille lettering, cargo area liner + net, black platinum sill plates, rubber hitch plug, the pantone ambient lighting LEDs for front footwells, and a hoodie. Tailgate table was a waste of money though...
  18. Enabling Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Centering

    I get the feeling auto-hold would work on any Bronco -- i don't see why it would require Lux features. It doesn't use the camera or radar for its functionality.
  19. Enabling Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Centering

    It's possible if you DIY install the sensor. Thread on the subject. It's only partially tested, biggest issue is the vinyl. The sensor keeps trying to pull the vinyl off the glass so it may be necessary to add a layer of glass primer as well.
  20. Customer Satisfaction Program 23B35 -- 2021-2023 Bronco windshield wiper motor software update

    I'm assuming it's just flashing firmware to the SCCM or something? Would the tech even notice / would it affect anything that I added rain sensing to my Bronco, or should I disconnect/disable it first?