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  1. Window bounce

    Hi- 4 door Wildtrak Hardtop here. my rear passenger window just started to bounce back. I go to close it and it reaches the top and bounces back down almost to full open. It does this with auto up and manual up. I found this fix in another thread but doesn’t work for me...
  2. Replacing back seat bench in 4 door with buckets?

    Hi- curious if anyone has considered or accomplished replacing the back seat bench with buckets? Thinking I’ll have more room for kids stuff and it will feel more like a desert racer ;) Thoughts or opinions?
  3. Another Bronco event; Livermore, CA

    At Livermore Ford in CA. Will add notes here as I think of them same 2 trucks that have been traveling CA. Cactus Black Diamond is Sick! debating leaving my BL build for it again. OBL!
  4. Doug Demuro + Bronco (Coming Soon)

    Hey Doug fans! Bronco on 37" tires and 2" lift.
  5. For those of you with families / kids, is it big enough?

    Hi there, I've reserved a 4-door Black Diamond, which I am REALLY excited about. My ONLY concern is will the vehicle have enough space for our family? I'll be selling my VW Alltrack which is a bit too small in the backseat and will keep my wife's '19 Highlander which has plenty of space...