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  1. Does anyone pull a TAB 320 Boondock camper

    I'm looking at a new TAB 320 S Boondock camper. Does anyone here pull one? Do you have Sasquatch package and did you need a drop of extended ball?
  2. Ford Electric Brake Controller testing?

    For those that installed the Ford electric brake controller yourself, can you test it to make sure it's working somewhat without a trailer? Is there any Forscan programming required?
  3. Aftermarket frame mounted hitches?

    I see nearly all hitches. including OEM, are not directly mounted to the frame rails. They are mounted to a smaller crossmember. Are there any aftermarket hitches that do attach to the primary frame rails?
  4. Andersen weight distribution hitch

    I did a search and didn't see many results. Is anyone here running an Andersen weight distribution hitch on a Bronco with sasquatch package? Does it clear the spare tire? https://andersenhitches.com/product/weight-distribution-hitch/
  5. Payload capacity and factory hitch rating

    Where can I find the factory Ford published payload capacity for my 2023 Wildtrak 4 door? I seen dealers publish it, not trustworthy as it varies from dealer to dealer. Looking for Ford data. Also, where can I find the factory Ford published hitch class rating? Not a dealer installed hitch.
  6. Factory wireless charging pad - can it be disabled?

    I have the factory wireless charging pad. Manual advises not to place anything metal in that area, rendering it useless for storage. Can I disable the wireless charging pad so that area can safey be used to store things?
  7. Ford Performance black lug nuts - I need just 2

    Ford Performance sells black lug nuts in sets of 6 or 24. I require only 2 but I don't want to pay $40 for just 2. Are these sold individually or does someone have 2 extra to sell? Links for reference. Set of 6 https://performanceparts.ford.com/part/M-1012-BR Set of 24...
  8. Can Forscan change trail cam settings (360 cam)?

    Can Forscan adjust the 360 camera settings so camera stays on over 5 mph?
  9. Raw aluminum skid - coating?

    What are you doing to prevent corrosion on raw aluminum skids? Material is 5052 and may not be the most corrosion resistant compared to say 6061. I see options are obviously leaving it raw, painting/bed lining, powder coating, clearcoat (alum specific), or alodine chemical film finish. I...
  10. Georgia Sold: Sprint Booster Select V3 - SBFO1023S

    Selling my Sprint Booster V3 + Pedal Guard Security System (P/N SPFO1023S) removed from 2023 Bronco 2.7L Automatic. I removed it after installing Ford Performance tune. The "Sprint Booster Select V3" remaps the throttle to any one of 32 settings to reduce lag. Very simple install. Sprint...
  11. Budget 1/8" thick steel skid plates package?

    Most steel skid plate packages provide 3/16" thick steel (0.187"). Read - expensive. Isn't there a company that makes an 1/8" thick (0.125") steel skid package? I thought I seen one but lost the link. ARB package is 3mm by the way, thinnest at 0.118".
  12. Any member here do custom vinyl decals?

    Any member here do custom vinyl decals? I'm looking for someone to make a custom dash decal.
  13. Georgia Sold: OEM front modular bumper tow hooks and rear tow hook

    OEM parts removed from 2023 Wildtrak Front modular bumper tow hook mounts $80 SOLD Rear tow hook $30 SOLD
  14. Alternate fridge install - back seat

    Most install 12v fridges in the cargo area but that's inaccessible while driving for drinks and snacks. Back seat doesn't fold flat so that's inconvenient. But.... a trip to the hardware store/home center and bam, a fridge mounted level in the back seat. I left handle and wheels so I can easily...
  15. ford perimeter plus vehicle security system question

    Question. I searched and didn't see the answer. How sensitive is the ford perimeter plus vehicle security system? Will a cat on my Bronco set it off in the middle of the night? Link to upgrade. https://accessories.ford.com/products/ford-perimeter-plus-vehicle-security-system-21
  16. 4-door rear seats supposed to fold flat?

    Just picked up my new 4-door a couple weeks ago. I noticed that the rear seats do not seem to fold totally flat. Are they supposed to or is there a mod I can do short of standing on them, LOL.
  17. Georgia Sold: 2021-2023 Ford Bronco Autostop Eliminator

    For sale, authentic 2021-2023 Ford Bronco Autostop eliminator. Removed do to getting Ford Performance Tune on my 2023 Wildtrak. No longer needed. $65 shipped to 48 states. Paypal preferred. https://www.autostopeliminator.com/collections/ford/products/2021-ford-bronco-autostop-eliminator
  18. 120v Inverter 400w in motion mod?

    My bronco has a 120v receptacle on the back of the center console with a max of 400w in park only. It is reduced when driving to 300w. Is there a mod to keep the 400w output available while driving? From the manual page 145: The vehicle provides up to 400 watts when in park and up to 300 watts...
  19. Recirculation is default on all the time

    I have automatic climate control. Recirculation is default on all the time. I do not use Auto setting. I turn off recirculation and next time I start vehicle, it's back on. It is 120+ degrees in Bronco when I start, I want the cooler outside air, only 95 degs when I start engine. Is there a way...
  20. Traded my 2023 4Runner TRD Pro for Bronco

    New member here from Savannah. I traded my 2023 4Runner TRD Pro for 2023 Bronco Wildtrak last week. I was hesitant till I test drove the Bronco and was sold. Dealer gave me over MSRP for 4Runner also. Nice. Now, time to read the forums.....