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  1. My soft shackle failure experience 🤕 -- The Off-Road Recovery That Almost Killed Me

    You youtubers will do anything for views! Just kidding, and I'm very glad you're around to tell the story, popo! I've never used a soft shackle or a kinetic rope but the bottom line appears to be there was too much energy involved in this recovery. Communication could have prevented that...
  2. Where the hell is my VIN?! Missing Windshield VIN

    Dude, where's your VIN?
  3. Warn VR EVO10 winch for $289.99 after rebate!

    Same, though it looks to be the same controller that came with the winch? I guess I missed what the $100 rebate was all about but I took my $150 rebate and immediately bought Amazon gift cards and added them to my account so Visa didn't end up with one single cent left over 😁
  4. Interesting Orange Bronco sighting at the body shop today.

    The taillights are TBD but that color is fire! I've always liked the orange/black EB's so my 69 is likely to get a not-yellow orange and I have nooo love for steers or volunteers! I mean, would you just look at it?!
  5. VoltageDrop

    The PNW Bronco Group

    Sounds like fun! Tons of snow coming but we're crazy busy this weekend so I'll catch the next one. 🤘
  6. Toasted my rear M220 axle...40s, towing, heavy foot 😋

    Yup. For my 69 I went straight to the Sterling 10.25" and got an OEM electric locker from a 10.5" for $300 to put in it. She's heavy (400 lbs) but for less than a grand I have a full-floating ELD bulletproof axle with 5.38 gears and disc brakes. FWIW, this OEM 10.25" has 1/2" thick 3.5" OD...
  7. Not going to believe this! Coolant leak with 56 miles on odometer

    First one was a June 2021 build with the infamous unsecured hose rubbing the AC pulley. Second Bronco had a small hose pop off the heat exchanger near the passenger side turbo. I had just finished Top of the World in Moab. Popped it back on and added a little water and it's been fine but it...
  8. Not going to believe this! Coolant leak with 56 miles on odometer

    This happened to my 21 Bronco at 113 miles and to my 23 Bronco at 1200 miles so I believe you! o_O The good news is it was in your driveway... each of mine were several states away from home.
  9. 2021 Bronco Base DIED WHILE DRIVING today

    This, and fumbling around for some flimsy plastic flap while steering around traffic is not a recipe for success. It'd be pretty awesome to move the engine start button and put an old school Toyota parking brake that pulls straight out of the dash right where that button was. It didn't help...
  10. Have a very Bronco Christmas!

    Bummer! Looks like minor damage (to you)? Has anybody seen a way to order the TRX-4M with the carbonized gray body or without a body? I noticed it's available separately but I don't think I care enough to spend an extra $55 just to have the best B6G color on my RC. :geek...
  11. 2021 Bronco Base DIED WHILE DRIVING today

    It already has but I don't recall if it was here or on the book of faces. Guy rolled backwards down a steep rocky hill after stalling and smashed up his tailgate and such. Claims NO brakes. This is not good. With all the unnecessary shit offered for the B6G, you would think a fairly useful...
  12. I...umm...hmm

    That thing is SICK! Get it some antibiotics.
  13. 74Weld Bronco Portals now available!

    Getting rid of those rock anchor LCA frame brackets is almost exciting as the idea of portals. I've never gotten around to modeling the geometry of it but I've even wondered if you could just cut a hole in the bottom of the frame and mount a narrow Johnny joint or similar within the boxed...
  14. Ford manual transmission parts on back order.

    This! A rental car can do anything a Bronco can do.
  15. [Solved][VIDEO] Bronco with 9k Miles Completely Died in the Middle of the Road. Inspection showed it was 100% OK a month ago

    Check those three screws inside the under-hood fuse box because they can apparently cause all sorts of intermittent issues like this when they're loose.
  16. Bronco shows up in new Hallmark Movie

    She was trying to block him so he wouldn't see the messy engine bay. I've heard the biggest issue with the bronco is its lack of an engine cover.
  17. Another Bronco on the Rubicon Thread

    That looks awesome! What causes the crack?
  18. *EDIT* fixed under warranty, TY Ford. Front axle snap after using trail turn assist.

    Hey, with a custom wheel bearing assembly maybe you could shove one of these Dana 60 joints in there but where will you shift the weak link? I don't know if it applies to your situation but one thing for all to keep in mind is the locker might not be truly unlocked after hitting the switch if...
  19. 🍂 Show me your Fall (Autumn) Photos! I’ll start.

    Only decent colors but look at all those Broncos!