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  1. Non-matching mirrors?!

    It's the angle of the mirror from the drivers seat. Saleman gave me all the poop on delivery, but it was not a life changing event so I didn't listen.
  2. Doors vs no doors?

    Is this like wearing underwear or no underwear?? :unsure:
  3. No blue seat stitching on my Black Diamond

    They ran out of blue thread. Instead of putting the seats on a constrained list they used gray thread. Get a blue marker, bing go bang go problem solved.
  4. Rust prevention in winter climates

    This was my 1995 Suburban that I sold in 2017. I kick myself for not keeping it and selling my TJ. It had Ziebart and respray every third year or so. This picture was from 2011, but it looked the same in 2017. Honest!! Like a dope I didn't take any pictures the day I sold it.
  5. Ford dealership snapped bolts to skid plate.

    OK that's fair!!
  6. Rust prevention in winter climates

    Yep...not as many dealers, at least not in MI, but they are still there.
  7. Ford dealership snapped bolts to skid plate.

    How can you not find out the name of the dealer when you are at the dealer? I'm confused?
  8. Spare Tire Covers -- post yours

    I have a Boomerang. It is the denim Vinyl. Great quality. Had these on my Jeeps. They lasted for 14 & 12 years. They were on them when I sold them. Good company to work with.
  9. Anyone else accidentally turning on headlights?

    6'4" don't have this issue.
  10. Rust prevention in winter climates

    I use Ziebart, have for decades. Always had good results and great protection. I live in MI.
  11. Ford dealership snapped bolts to skid plate.

    What dealer want to make sure I don't go there?
  12. Moab In The Cold Weather - Questions

    Can any one tell me about Moab in the winter months. November or February. 1. Is there a lot of snow and mud due to the snow? 2. What trails get closed? 3. Is all of the lodging/restaurants open? 4. Etc., etc Thanks, Dave
  13. ICON Tie Rod Ends

    There's always one...
  14. ICON Tie Rod Ends

    Yea I know, humor me!!
  15. ICON Tie Rod Ends

    My dealer said they would still cover the truck. Gots to find a good dealer folks.
  16. ICON Tie Rod Ends

    I find these threads interesting. I've used Ziebart for generations and never had the problems you talk about. I keep vehicles a minimum of 12-15 years. All new vehicles I've owned have had Ziebart. Never had a rust issue. I had a 1995 Suburban for 22 years. It was in mint condition when I...
  17. UAW authorized Strike. Huge Demands!

    If the word quality was quantity then I would agree. More money, especially in the UAW, does not mean a better product. On top of inflation we will then get the cost increase due to the workers increase. Many studies, over the years, have been done that shows UAW increases, prices at the...
  18. UAW strike.

    Union leaders remain loyal to the govt, they in turn ship all the jobs off shore and the unions help. The union then tells their members they are fighting for them. The EV market is the next example of this, and people will buy an EV that can't travel more then 250 miles because they all think...
  19. Uncomfortable front seats! What is the solution?

    Guess you should have ordered the electric front seats, seeing that you have LUX. My wife has major back issues and said the seats are almost a comfortable as our F-150 King Ranch. Order a set of electric seats. There must be some 3rd party plug and play out there.
  20. Window Rattle

    The windows will rattlee if they are part way down and you hit bumps, etc. This is because there is no window frame.