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  1. 🔦 Product Spotlight 🔦 LED CARGO LIGHT FOR 2021-2024 FORD BRONCO

    I got this unit a while ago (so probably the first generation?) and it has been super awesome. I ran the wire along the hard top glass and down the strut. I spliced mine into the rear cargo light rather than the 12V socket then used a simple quick release for when I take the top off (like it is...
  2. Interior Code Orange and Carbon Fiber Upgrades in Bronco Raptor

    Is there a texture to this or is it smooth? I’m thinking about either doing this or doing the domed and adding a layer of XPel Stealth to make it matte
  3. Braptor Rear Bumper pics

    Yup! That’s the front
  4. Braptor Rear Bumper pics

    Just got the weight back: Bumper: 32lb 11oz Skid: 33lb 2 oz Combined: 65lb 13oz For Comparison: Stock Brap Bumper with fogs: 86lb 6oz Stock Brap Skid: 18lb 6oz So its 38lbs Less overall (not including lights)
  5. Braptor Rear Bumper pics

    I agree with this sentiment. I prefer not to have anything decorative like that, but I think we'll see soon what the final product looks like
  6. Armadillo Designs Aluminum Hardtop

    Thank you! This was an earlier prototype, after seeing how much progress they made with the final product I'm sure more people will be jumping on board when they hit the market in a few weeks. I think ADV has (rightfully) scared everyone on this forum with deadlines 😂
  7. Braptor Rear Bumper pics

    Here’s a few more! I have talked to him about adding recovery points integrated to the bumper on the rear and front but I’m pretty sure he wants to avoid exactly what was happening on other bumpers with the bending and pulling off. So right now the recovery points are frame mounted. He did...
  8. Braptor Rear Bumper pics

    I’ve loved them. Handled jumping and crawling very well. He should be releasing them “any day now” which will have all the pricing and info on them. These are version 1 that I was running through the wringer and he’s made some small changes to them. I will get back to you with the weight. The...
  9. Air Compressor Bracket for Raptor

    The S&B CAI clears up enough room for a compressor. Currently working with Texas Motorworx to fabricate a mount that they would sell!
  10. Braptor Rear Bumper pics

    The ones I have from Motorworx Fab maintain the factory rear Tow Hooks. They also protect the S2s mounted there
  11. S&B Cold Air Intake - Raptor Edition

    Looks good and goes woosh so I’m happy 😂
  12. S&B Cold Air Intake - Raptor Edition

    Got it installed a few days ago, mostly straight forward process. The video covers just about everything you need to know. Took about 1.5 hours
  13. NEW Ford Performance CARBON FIBER for your Bronco Raptor!

    Or $70k 😏 Overpriced for parts made in China. Love the idea but could get some much better stuff done to my bronco for that price
  14. Braptor Rear Bumper pics

    Coming out soon, Motorworx Fabrication (by Texas Motorworx)
  15. ADV Production Modular Hardtop!

    I don’t know why I’ve read every page of this thread or why I keep coming back. Anyone else have absolutely no dog in this fight but come back to this thread regularly to read updates? Just me?
  16. Armadillo Designs Aluminum Hardtop

    It was exceptionally quieter than my hard top. Like you can actually hear music playing and people talking in the back seats!
  17. Armadillo Designs Aluminum Hardtop

    I did not see, but looking through my pictures it looks like the 4 screws and then just the strut to take them off!
  18. National Park Pics... Show Yours!

    White Sands!