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  1. 74weld stage 3 steering upgrade question

    I have an "extra" FP HOSS 3.0 steering rack that I bought while waiting for a Badlands order that I ended up not buying. Has anyone bought just the 74weld stage 3 billet housing and swapped the guts themselves (is that even an option???)? I'm fairly handy in the shop, but if it takes...
  2. Dash trim part number needed

    Anyone know the part number for this trim piece? Much thanks in advance...
  3. Is there a market for aftermarket 16" wheels?

    I believe the Base trim came with 16" wheels. Is there a market for a brand new set of Method 703s in the Bronco community?
  4. BD LP6/LP4 bumper mounting ideas

    1st world issue of the day... I have the ICON front winch bumper and they were kind enough to provide some tapped holes in the bumper for lights. However, they dropped the ball on providing a good way to mount them. I have settled on @Baja Designs LP6s or LP4s for the lights. Ideally, I...
  5. Fairlead light mount

    I am considering this to mount lights to my Icon bumper. Anyone use this method? Any issues or negatives going this route? https://www.rockhard4x4.com/product_p/rh-6065.htm
  6. RCI Transfer Case Skid Install Q's

    I recently installed RCI trans, xfer case, and crossmember skids and have a question re: the xfer case skid. It came with what I suppose is a support brace for the pass side - the instructions that I downloaded did not mention this piece and I am not sure where it goes. It looks like it bolts...
  7. Builtright sale

    In case you didn't know, builtright has a sale going on through 11/27 - up to 25% off. Good time to get that molle panel you've been wanting...
  8. Alabama Precision Works - Quick Release Sway Bar Disconnect End Links

    I think I'm going with the Carli Suspension solution, so won't be using these. Never installed - $150 shipped
  9. Seat removal - how to store them?

    I just removed the rear seats and not sure the best way to store them. I've thought of picking up some HD trash bags to cover and throw them on a shelf in the garage, but there may be a better way. For those who have removed the rear seats - how do you store them?
  10. Alabama Sold: BroncBuster Ultimate Steering kit

    I bought these in anticipation of my 2D Badlands being built. I lost patience with Ford and bought an abandoned Wildtrak w/HOSS3. 0, so I can't use these parts due to there incompatibility with the Ford performance steering rack. BB sells this kit for $1729 - I am asking $1400+shpg for all or...
  11. Alabama Archetype Racing Badlands Console Plate

    Pre ordered back when I thought I would be getting my Badlands order. However, I just picked up a Wildtrak, so I won't be using this. It is still in the unopened cellophane bag - AR screws included. $100 shipped - save $8 and no waiting. 😂
  12. What's in the Bronco tool kit?

    What's in it? My new Bronco did have one and I'm not driving 300 miles back to the dealer to go get it.
  13. Alabama ICON 3" C/O Spacer Lift

    BNIB $250 shipped US From Icon's website: The ICON 2021-UP Fords Bronco 3" Lift Coilover Spacer Kit utilizes a combination of coil spring preload spacers and top load shims to yield 3” of lift in the front and 2” of rear lift for models equipped with the HOSS 2.0 suspension package or up to...
  14. Reviews wanted on Expedition One Rear bumper with tire carrier

    I've searched and haven't found any reviews on this bumper. Is anyone in possession of this bumper yet? How do you like it? How's it holding up? General impressions... Thanks!
  15. Alabama For Sale: Icon 3" C/O Spacer Kit

    I decided to go with new coilovers, so I am selling this kit. I am asking $300 and I will ship. From Icon's website: The ICON 2021-UP Fords Bronco 3" Lift Coilover Spacer Kit utilizes a combination of coil spring preload spacers and top load shims to yield 3” of lift in the front and 2” of...
  16. Coilover come to Jeebus

    OK, I've been following the Icon coilover issues where the coil springs contact factory tierods and aftermarket sleeves. I read that they are addressing the issue to provide greater offset to clear factory tierods and some sleeves - which is good to hear. They are also developing a beefier...
  17. Unscheduled Clean - what does it really mean?

    Ford chat told me that my 2D Badlands SASQ is unscheduled/clean. Does it mean that there's an outside chance of still being scheduled MY22? I'm not holding much hope and at this stage in the game I wouldn't be upset to be pushed to MY23...
  18. Will 16" wheels fit on Badlands Sasquatch

    I have a line on a set of Method 703s for a great price, but they are 16x8. Will they work on a 2 door Badlands Sasquatch? I don't have a Bronco to check...
  19. Satin Black or Titanium with HPR?

    Which would look best on a HPR 2D? My wheel choice: Icon Rebound Pro
  20. Alabama Bronco Depot badges - SOLD

    I have a set of satin black SOLD and factory silver SOLD Bronco Depot scripts that I'm not going to use. I'll sale for what I paid $85 shipped ea...