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  1. Bronco 2-Door Stage by Diabolical - prototype look

    Thanks for the info, I’ll have to look into a noodle. The gap bugs me. Covered with a dog bed but still id like it rigid or filled in. Side note, coincidental there is pool noodles in this advertisement under your reply. They are always listening..
  2. Bronco 2-Door Stage by Diabolical - prototype look

    Nice, this is an under developed niche. Seats down and platform in back is the way to go. Cost? Any consideration to making a panel to cover the gap between seats up the middle that integrates into the stage?
  3. Oil Pressure Gauge Install

    Genuine question so please forgive my ignorance, what is the point of these?
  4. Selling stock black Wildtrak Sasquatch Wheels - rims only

    About tree fiddy?? Tough to say, some people willing to pay more than others. If you find someone who didn’t get SAS and really wants the look you could probably get 2300-3100. 2800-3000 seems to be the prevailing rate on eBay. Seen them as low as 1700 locally on marketplace.
  5. My Bronco Heritage Limited Purchase DISASTER!

    Nothing scares like having an attorney send an email. Might be worth a shot, and cheaper too.
  6. My Bronco Heritage Limited Purchase DISASTER!

    General Manager Gabe Marshall [email protected] (601) 389-6405 (601) 656-7440 (601) 389-2074 (601) 774-9222 I’d run through them all. If that gets you nowhere, just put them on blast, starting with Google reviews. Negative publicity is the only thing these dealers respond to, as we...
  7. HELP: What is this wrap color?!

    I considered being late to a meeting so I could chase him down but business calls 😅
  8. HELP: What is this wrap color?!

    One of 3 helpful comments in the thread. Thank you sir!
  9. HELP: What is this wrap color?!

    I have got samples from numerous vendors looking for a desert sand like wrap, but they are all off a little bit in hue or tone. Driving today and saw this, exactly what I want. Any wrap experts that can tell me exactly what this is?!
  10. Brabus? Is it just a rich toy?

    Oof, fixed it.
  11. Brabus? Is it just a rich toy?

    Might I also add this gem.
  12. Brabus? Is it just a rich toy?

    g wagons are as capable as anything.
  13. Where the hell is my VIN?! Missing Windshield VIN

    This is the most interesting “whodunnit” I’ve ever seen on this forum. KEEP US POSTED
  14. St. Louis dealer markup on Land Cruiser = $20k

    Bommarito, par for the course. Walked in December 2021 to look at a 2 door base non sas they had online for 38k. They wanted 65k for it. Bunch of bozos
  15. Another custom 2-door rear cargo area level platform

    How exactly did you scribe the door latch bump out for your plywood? I can’t seem to get the perfect cut using cardboard as a template.
  16. Carbon fiber hard top, anyone seen this yet?

    imagine throwing 12k at a roof that is functionally the exact same (if not worse) than the one that came on a vehicle you already paid for…assuming you got the hardtop already ofc.
  17. Badlands Sasquatch has terrible MPG

    Doesn’t seem totally off base. It’s a high profile brick on wheels. I get about 18-19 around town and 19-21 on the highway. Smiles per gallon as they say..wouldn’t trade it for the world 😃
  18. Turn Off-Road Hardtop vs OEM Hardtop Comparison Video

    Call me an idiot, I still fail to see the allure of any of the aftermarket tops. Pay 6k to get…another roof above your head that does the same thing as the one that came on the 45k vehicle you already bought. Same function and minor changes to form necessitates that much money. Wot???
  19. To "level" or not to level?

    Not if you have the extended warranty. Gives them reason to deny a claim…however unrelated it may be to the level install