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  1. Bronco Raptor "Roach" Build

    First off, I know there's contention on what classifies a "build", but this is the first step in building mine. So fear not, there is much more to come! Second, since everyone asks, Roach is named after the horse from "The Witcher" (Yeah I'm a Nerd). This past weekend I took my Bronco to Texas...
  2. Armadillo Designs Aluminum Hardtop

    Before I left for a deployment I dropped off my Bronco with Armadillo Designs so they could make Instagram Videos with it. But mostly so they could test out their Aluminum hard top! Well I’m finally back from my deployment and got some pictures of their mock-up on my Raptor! There were a few...
  3. Sound coming from Engine Bay

    Has anyone heard this sound/ know what this is? I’ve heard it a few times now and have no clue what it is. Can’t replicate it either.
  4. To whomstever left this on my Bronco… "You've Been Bronco'd"

    It’s cheesy and stupid but I love it and it made me smile, so thank you! I’ve seen so much hostility for people giving these little guys out and I don’t understand why. It’s the most innocent act ever and hurts no one.
  5. Steering Wheel Mode- Which do you choose and why?

    I haven’t messed much with changing the steering wheel mode between Normal, Comfort, and Sport, and when I have I haven’t felt much of a difference. Which do y’all chose and why?
  6. Thick Grab Handles options?

    Has anyone found grab handles that are a little thicker? Paracord just seems a little thin and was trying to find something with more grip
  7. OEM On-Vehicle Storage Bags - where to buy?

    So I lost track of the on-vehicle storage bags I had originally ordered with my 4 door Bronco in 2020, and didn’t realize they had been removed from my order at some point. Does anyone know if Ford is planning on selling these at any point/ where to find them?
  8. I named my Raptor

    I know I know. We’re not supposed to name our cars, I’ve seen the salt on here. But we got cheated out of the Raptor decal, I’m obsessed with the Witcher, and am pretty descent with Adobe Illustrator. So f*ck it!
  9. Bronco Raptor GOAT Modes

    Edit: Found it Here on page 255. “Off-Road” is now essentially Mud and Ruts + Sand. It’s the “Off-Road, but not on hard packed snow and not feeling fast on Sand” GOAT mode. So in the raptor we gain the towing goat mode, but lose the Eco (scoff), sand (scoff) and Mud and Ruts GOAT mode. I’m...
  10. Any good interior lighting solution for the back seats?

    Has anyone found a good interior lighting solution for the back seats? It’s particularly dark in the back at night and the tiny dome lights get blocked by the middle seat.
  11. Seat Belt Warning

    I feel like an idiot and need some of the Bronco6g expert guidance: When starting the car, it shows a seatbelt status. Annoying, but I can live with it. Now when driving, let’s say someone in the back wants to change seats, or my kid is going bonkers and my wife wants to jump In the back to...