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  1. 74weld stage 3 steering upgrade question

    Yes, that's what I meant - thanks for the vid. My search skills are lacking as I spent an hour trying to find something relevant.
  2. 74weld stage 3 steering upgrade question

    I have an "extra" FP HOSS 3.0 steering rack that I bought while waiting for a Badlands order that I ended up not buying. Has anyone bought just the 74weld stage 3 billet housing and swapped the guts themselves (is that even an option???)? I'm fairly handy in the shop, but if it takes...
  3. What's Your 6G Bronco's older alter ego?

    I've had several Broncos and wish I still had them all back - 3 77s, 2 73s, a 78, and a 85. I gave a friend a 77 that needed work and still have one of the 73s. I would let my 23 go, but never my 73. I am refreshing my 73 to go from a dedicated offroad rig to make it more streetable. Here's...
  4. Installed Garmin DashCam w/ Dongar Power Adapter

    Ok, thanks for the explanation. So, you can move the film from one vehicle to another and it will stick? Thx!
  5. Installed Garmin DashCam w/ Dongar Power Adapter

    Please educate me on the electrostatic film. Why, rather than directly on the windshield?
  6. ARB Solis 36 Spot Driving Lights Custom Installation

    Thanks! Looks like you went with spot/driving like the OP - I wonder how spots for both would work...
  7. ARB Solis 36 Spot Driving Lights Custom Installation

    By eliminating the dimmer, does it default to high with the aux switch? If so, I like that option...
  8. Baja Designs XL80 and mountains2metal A pillar antenna mount

    I use the trail site accessory mount from Trailrax for my antenna.... Keeps it away from anything that would cause interference. https://trailrax.com/collections/ford/products/ford-bronco-trail-sight-accessory-mount
  9. ARB Solis 36 Spot Driving Lights Custom Installation

    I've been eyeballing these - good to see them on a Bronco. Good review. Do you mind sharing all the bolt specs and source? I like how they look with the black h/w and will do the same if I end up with these.
  10. Best Dash Rail Mount?

    I used only 4 screws - one at each corner.
  11. Homemade Diff Drop for 6G Bronco

    I'm down as well (y)
  12. Off road shop labor rates?

    Naw, I waited for them - took 45 min. With a wall mounted spring compressor, it shouldn't take longer than that. ETA: I am friends with the parts manager, so I probably got the friends discount.
  13. Off road shop labor rates?

    I do all my own work if I can. However, I wanted to change springs on a pair of coilovers and I didn't have the tools wasn't really comfortable doing it. The local shop quoted $600 for that - I told them to pound sand. I took them to my Ford dealer and they did it for $75. I think if a shop...
  14. Rampage TrailView Fastback Soft Top for 2 door Bronco -- installed first impressions & photos

    Damn! That's the ST that I was going to get - that sucks...
  15. Bronco Team 2 door.

    This is at MSFC across the street from the building I work in.
  16. What did you do TO / WITH your Bronco today? 👨🏻‍🔧🧰🚿🛠

    Looks like a fun time. Where did you get the windshield light mounts?
  17. General consensus on replacing the rear links / control arms?

    What's the symptom of loose bolts? What makes you feel the need to check? I have RockJock arms and have a strange issue when driver's side rear droops - there is a very abrupt clunk. I haven't figured out what is going on.
  18. Bronco Team 2 door.

    Poser shot at work...
  19. Blanco Bronco Adventures - Build in Progress

    Have enjoyed your YT vids... I love Soda Springs, ID - is that where you're from?
  20. Recovery gear deep dive: shackles, straps and kinetic ropes, what to buy!

    I totally agree. I was was using F55 as an example of good quality gear. I just wouldn't cheap out too much. My ropes and soft shackles are from Yankum, but I do have F55 pulleys and a winch hook. $300 - $400 for a kit is acceptable to me... The cheaper Amazon stuff is probably ok - I'm...