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  1. Help me understand the fuel economics of gasoline containers?

    Extra gas isn't a bad thing but holy cow these overlanders are taking it a bit far. 5 gallons whether its for emergency of if you have equipment that requires gas/diesel is pretty much enough.
  2. 4A or 2H? Which is the best?

    I wouldn't doubt that there is some sort of monitor for it but its still clutch based and will wear with use. I use the 4A mode if I know the trail I am on transitions from dirt and road often or if I am dealing with icy/snowy weather. For most folks using it on the daily its unnecessary and it...
  3. 4A or 2H? Which is the best?

    I wouldn’t use 4A daily, I’d imagine it’s just extra wear on the clutch pack.
  4. ARB Solis 36 Spot Driving Lights Custom Installation

    Some one at ARB screwed up, I was told its not possible. Truck looks great, you may have convinced me to switch out my fogs too lol
  5. Is there any difference between the IAG and Mabett retractable cargo covers?

    It’s all Chinese suppliers, they might have them change logos but iag-I line and Maybett all sell the same stuff.
  6. ARB Solis 36 Spot Driving Lights Custom Installation

    Sick mount. I wanted a set to match my arb bumper but their dimmer switch was a deal breaker. Wanted a simple on and off. Opted for the Baja Design LP9 sport.
  7. Jeep is Copying Bronco Heritage Edition

    Its not like the jeep has really differed from the old willys and CJ's. Its been the same shape for the most part, so its a bit silly doing a "heritage" jeep. I'd be impressed if they did a throw back to a YJ with the square headlights .
  8. 4.5 Gallon Water Tank Review (Hitch/Roof Rack Mounted)

    I’m not trying to be a dick but this is kinda goofy. Your truck has plenty of better options for mounting a water system.

    Is this the Ford/Audi collaboration we’ve been waiting on? Lol
  10. DIY Factory Tow Package using OEM parts with Forscan As-built Data (without error codes)

    Do you happen to have a screen shot of the line you change to turn this function on?
  11. New Ditch Lights thoughts?

    I'll throw my 2 cents in, I'm not a fan of big ditch lights. I threw a pair of Hella 700's that I had taken off my old truck with the intent of putting some KC daylighters on for an old school baja look. I decided to order up a set of KC Flex Era 1 for something more discreet. I love the...
  12. fog light bolts (plastic bumper)

    From the dealer, you have to buy a whole hardware kit. I just went to the hardware store and picked up a hand full of stubby (chode-ish) screws.
  13. Is RPMBronco.com Legit?

    Looks like another company just reselling Chinese made goods.
  14. Missing the $29k base

    I honestly haven't met anyone that actually got their base bronco at 29K... by the time I got my base sas the msrp was at 30k (not including the Sasquatch package). I hope with CDJR giving crazy deals for the wranglers and gladiators that Ford will follow...23k Wrangler sport is hard to say no too.
  15. Introduction of Tozalazz - beast 12V portable air compressor and tire inflation kits

    So what’s the difference between all of the other clones and the modified morflate?
  16. Ford Releases 7 Pin Tow Wiring for Factory Installation

    I’d avoid the dealer for this install. It’s not a simple install but definitely doable on your day off. I was quoted $500 just to program the tow module. With the issues I ran through I’m not surprised but it’s so well documented on the forums that it’s a diy job.
  17. How to get "half cab" look on 2 door Bronco using a DIY crossbar

    I’ve been wanting to do this but was afraid of the panels flying off or someone walking away with them . Stealing this idea with some mods now lol
  18. Ford Releases 7 Pin Tow Wiring for Factory Installation

    The bronco is already wired for the factory tow package. This kit just adds the module and the wiring harness to the trailer 7pin plug.
  19. Stock Goodyear territory "MT" vs Fallen wildpeak atw3?

    The stock tires are solid, brand bros just want what they are use to and that is fine. The Goodyears have been quiet and at 10k I haven't heard any rocks being chucked at the body. Offroad performance ,minus winter/ice, has been great. Down the line depending on price I would consider another...