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  1. Raptor MRT Performance Exhaust Development

    All bronco raptors!! …that’s are in Michigan 🤣
  2. Oil Pressure Gauge Install

    do non raptors not have these gauges in the cluster menu? iirc my raptor has them
  3. TrailRax Modular Roof Rack For Your Bronco

    ive got the trailrax with paxrax, and I can fit an xcover 2.0 4 person tent, roam 95L,and roofnest litewing and its all <300lbs with blankets, pillows and gear in my roam box. trailrax ftw!
  4. Who makes heavy duty springs for the Bronco Raptor?

    I didn’t get wind noise with trailrax and my skycamp mounted toward the rear
  5. What color is your Bronco Raptor center grab handle?

    huh...ive had mine for nearly 2 years and couldve sworn it had an orange stripe in it. just checked and its black/cf.
  6. S&B Cold Air Intake - Raptor Edition

    LOL only one here buthurt is you for getting called out on shitting on mods. read the room dude, no one GAF about your "trash" opinions. cleaner pipes, larger intake opening, reusable filter, filter window, increased intake/BOV volume, first raptor intake on the market, on and on seems worth it...
  7. S&B Cold Air Intake - Raptor Edition

    damn people really love to bitch about whatever doesnt fit their own narrative as if the world revolves around them. who tf cares, get out and drive
  8. OVERLANDING: How I Stay Warm At Night. How Do You?

    diesel heater, only takes 135w at startup and 25-50w to maintain. heater was $200
  9. What Did You Do To Your Bronco Raptor Today? 🔧 🧰 🪛

    DV8 spec bumper warn evo10s MandRautomotive fogs
  10. Modular bumper available?

    I have the bumper off and retained everything, will have to take some photos of it tomorrow. Will send you a DM
  11. Pros/Cons for Hyperco Lift Springs vs. Foutz Lift Collars for 1-2” lift?

    ive got quite a bit of payload with AAL gear, dual battery, and RTT. I currently have foutz 1.5" in the rear only. this levels me out until im fully loaded (kids/fridge/camping gear/recovery gear/spare gas and water), then it starts to sag another .5". the collars handle well and dont...
  12. Modular bumper available?

    sounds good. its the 1st order of business once this CA rain lets up. Ill keep you posted
  13. PSA - Fix Non Functional Raptor "R" Button

    that sucks. i feel that reason everything gets reset after ignition off is so that button gets used, wouldnt be a big problem if it just kept the settings between starts
  14. Modular bumper available?

    its the same bumper, there are many threads about it. fitment and everything is the same, just the raptor has 2 silver parts, the front plastic part and the skid.
  15. Modular bumper available?

    it does not come with them but if you want them we can work something out
  16. Modular bumper available?

    I’m pretty sure it is, just has silver parts that’s an easy fix. $500 for bumper skid and bull bar
  17. Modular bumper available?

    fontana, correct. i have 10k miles on my raptor, im not sure what 2 mounting brackets but im putting in a winch bumper, so everything including the skid is coming off.
  18. Modular bumper available?

    Im located in 92336 I should have mine off next weekend
  19. SHELTER GREEN Bronco RAPTOR Photos Thread

    lmao, man gets but hurt over sparkly poop :poop: