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  1. 1500 miles and cracked windshield

    I edited my post to clarify what happened. The old one was an actual crack and we eventually replaced the windshield. The new impact was just a chip that didn't spread over time. Next time I'll get the chip fixed right away, which I didn't know was possible at the time.
  2. 1500 miles and cracked windshield

    Long ago my car had a cracked windshield, and I procrastinated for many months in getting it fixed. Finally I got the windshield replaced it fixed, and a month later a new impact gave it a new chip crack.
  3. Happy 4x4 Day!

    Uh-oh. Dueling offroad days.... 🍿🍿🍿
  4. 7MT owners, do you use 5 or 6?

    Thanks, guys. I'm planning out my future build. My inclination is to put lower gears in the axles to make 6th more usable, and get better crawling ability at the other end. Yes, first in high range will be rather low, but this will be a recreational vehicle not a daily driver.
  5. Oil Pressure Gauge Install

    If you're in California you can't do this. Nothing can be installed on the dashboard, even if it's pretty low profile.
  6. Told my daughter not to lose momentum going thru the mud

    I must have had easier mud. Probably not clayey.
  7. Told my daughter not to lose momentum going thru the mud

    Which is why you need to arrange for a handy-dandy thunderstorm to hit you on the highway on the way home. I got that one time and the truck was clean top to bottom - no need to wash the underside even. Of course the inside was still really dusty but that was easier to clean up.
  8. Brighter color choices?

    My wife hates Cactus Gray. She calls it "putty". It would be an option for me, though I'd prefer Eruption Green.
  9. 21 Bronco - Driver's side door crunched by an electric fence! F*&!%

    I had something similar on my first car, a subcompact import. One part of the door hinge failed though the main hinges still worked. The shop forced the door closed, crushing in the front face of the door (that faces the hinges) and then lied about it. Now the door would not open or close...
  10. how does 2-door Bronco handle high winds?

    Otto correct at work there.
  11. Bronco Owners Invited by Ford to Exclusive Solar Eclipse Event. Blackout Package reveal for Bronco Raptor

    I found it amazing, though I had a better vantage point being on the edge of a high plateau with a tremendous view. The actual eclipsed sun itself is pretty cool as you mention. Still, what astounded me, and what's never fully captured by photos and videos, is the unusual twilight that comes...
  12. Bronco Owners Invited by Ford to Exclusive Solar Eclipse Event. Blackout Package reveal for Bronco Raptor

    You'd have to want to see the eclipse really badly. The last U.S. one in 2017 started by crossing the western U.S., so there were loads of opportunities to camp for free and see the eclipse on public lands. I was in eastern Oregon and a coworker was in the Sawtooth Mtns. in Idaho. All I...
  13. Hello from the top of California

    Welcome from a few hundred miles to the south! Nice part of the state you got there, and I was fortunate enough to spend a lot of time there around 30 years ago.
  14. Need help picking color!

    Those are my two favorite Bronco colors! My wife absolutely loves the green though she's not usually a green lover. I think the Cactus Gray looks pretty decent but she hates it. She saw a Raptor in Cyber Orange drive by and she fell in love with it, but when I told her how much it costs and...
  15. How extreme are you?

    No Bronco yet, but in the past I've had a couple of 4x4 pickups with open diffs. I've certainly done plenty of fours and a fair number of fives, maybe even a 5.5. I'll be happy to do a six once I have a vehicle with lockers... and maybe even a seven (rarely) if I have enough ground clearance...
  16. List of Closed Moab Trails

    Thanks for the info. That map shows a lot less closures than the map you posted earlier.
  17. List of Closed Moab Trails

    Do you have a link for that? Correct me if I'm wrong but that seems to be the area covered by the Murphy Travel Management Plan according to one map. I couldn't find recent maps of proposed closures for that area, though it looks like there are various travel plans being developed for BLM...
  18. Photo Dump: Lockhart Basin and Long Canyon, Moab

    That's what I like about so much of the western U.S. once you get out of the cities and major agricultural valleys - wide open spaces, grand vistas, and lots of elbow room. Thanks for sharing.
  19. Not Bronco related but I am proud of myself 🫡

    As a retired DOD civilian myself I congratulate you on your long career of service and wish the best for your retirement!
  20. Ford Dealer Lots OVERFLOWING! Bronco Lot Rot

    I guess you weren't around for the 1970s and 1980s when interest rates were far higher at times. I paid more on my first vehicle loan back in 1983. The long period of very low interest rates we had from the housing crunch until recently is a historical anomaly. People shouldn't expect it to...