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  1. Pistol Creek With Broncos & Jeep

    Great trail and drone footage!
  2. Towing UTV / ATVs

    My trailer is also a 14ft single axle, will be pulling a turbo s rzr...take 2-3 trips a year to windrock park in TN from Central AL
  3. Towing UTV / ATVs

    2 Dr or 4dr?
  4. Towing UTV / ATVs

    Anyone here regularly towing a rzr any reasonable distances? If so, what is your bronco pkg/setup? Looking at going from a 5.0 f150 to a 2.7 bd 4 door bronco. Longest towing distance will be about 300 miles in the hills of eastern TN. Trailer and rzr should be around 2k.
  5. Valhalla's Long term build thread

    Being in the bronco and sxs world, I hope the portals they are selling for the Gen 6 are infinitely better than the sxs version...sxs portals are high maintenance if driven at speeds or 50 mph very often and are known to break the idler gears...I would probably go the 60 route myself.
  6. Yule tide run at Windrock Park TN

    Glad to see they fixed 22...hopefully they have done some maintenance to trail 2, it was nothing but 2ft deep ruts in Jan of this year...windrock is a good Tellico knockoff
  7. 99 Broncos were built at MAP last month

    I worked as a outside contractor at the Honda plant in AL for 6 years, the amount of cars they run just to crush would astound most folks...it's not just preproduction either, they have shut downs twice a year to do line repairs, install new equipment etc, and almost always have glitches with...
  8. Summit Racing has 2021 Bronco axles listed

    Not a tax, the price on those axle assemblies are relatively cheap...when Currie or Dynatrac start building upgraded replacement axle assemblies, those will be 5k and up...for those with a ranger, those axle would swap right for deeper gears and lockers
  9. Summit Racing has 2021 Bronco axles listed

    If you think that is expensive, better stay stock with whatever bronco flavor you buy...some bolt in aftermarket jeep axle assemblies push 8k...I'm building a front dana44 to go under my 69 bronco, will have over a grand just in parts, and that's Penny pinching.
  10. Spied: Bronco Warthog With Live Valve Shocks & 37" Tires

    Everybody geeking over shocks and 37" tires, yet failing to notice the upgraded rear-end underneath...that's definitely not a dana 44 nor the watts link, drop out center section rear-end under the Ranger Raptor
  11. Spotted: Bronco Warthog marked as "Warthog" by Ford engineers

    Same 6 bolt lug, pattern i can't tell...some have stated those are raptor wheels on the warthog proto, if so, then definitely a different lug pattern than ranger/bronco.
  12. Spotted: Bronco Warthog marked as "Warthog" by Ford engineers

    Doubtful on the Watts linkage...why test a prototype warthog with a obviously bigger rear differential and it also not have the Watts linkage if that is what it is going to have? To me it seems Ford knows the standard d44 in the bronco line up doesn't meet the needs of the engine hp in the...
  13. Spotted: Bronco Warthog marked as "Warthog" by Ford engineers

    The standard/squash rear diff is dana 44 size, this rear-end under the warthog is noticeably wider(diff cover), has more mounting bolts securing the diff cover and has strengthening ribs on the left side...bigger rear axle usually comes with stronger axles...more suspension travel will be in the...
  14. Spotted: Bronco Warthog marked as "Warthog" by Ford engineers

    Something that is completely missed/ignored in every new thread about the warthog...this unit doesn't have the standard bronco rear end...this is a larger variant of the dana rear-end under the standard bronco, wider diff cover with ribs on the driver side...no it's not the Ranger Raptor rear...