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  1. Hello !! 80 mph through the desert and the Fox suspension impressed !!

    Just wanted to make sure you weren't let down. ;) lol
  2. A New Kind of Portal

    They were referring to a "washer" in the video, that is where it came from. But nice to know that it is actually the lower part of the bushing. Better than a "washer". :) Guess something was a-miss in the install then for it to be pulling out on them like that.
  3. ADV Production Modular Hardtop!

    I have a question. Do you think the ADV top can be waxed? ;) lol
  4. A New Kind of Portal

    LOL But we can never rule out the wax. ;)
  5. A New Kind of Portal

    Think I have an idea what happened. There is that bushing installed in the top of the upper for the portal, where the ball joint goes in. So it looks like they did not install the WASHER they were talking about under that bushing where the ball joint nut tightens up to. Makes sense. The...
  6. Getting nervous about 2.7 Engine failures issues

    That's the "shit!" remover. Turns "Oh Shit!" to "Oh!". lol
  7. Recommended spare parts.

    One thing that is still on my list is the Valve stems and installer tool. Are there any good recommendations for some that I can add to my growing box of parts and tools? Still using the standard SAS wheels. I actually like them, since the stem is recessed deep inside the wheel, and that...
  8. Oil Pressure Gauge Install

    That's nice. I've been wanting to get something so I can see the oil pressure and coolant temp. The other gauges in the Bronco are nice, but seems like the two important ones should have been included in the digital gauges.
  9. Change Driveline Fluids Early!

    Took some time off today to get the fluids changed since it's nicer out. Rear axel, Transfer Case, FDU, and engine oil. Replaced that stock rear diff cover and this one seems nice. Heaver most definitely. At least on the next change, I just have to pull the drain plug. Things made easier...
  10. Change Driveline Fluids Early!

    Received my rear diff cover, so going to swap it out one of these weekends. Was thinking about how to go about filling it back up with oil. Had an idea to just use one of those sprayers. HF had some on clearance for $10, so picked up a couple. Dissembled it and took off the screen restrictor...
  11. Dual Battery kits now in stock

    Oh my. Guess I better read ALL the details first. Seen this thought $700 for dual battery with isolator to protect the starter batter. Not totally outrageous. Then read down further and seen batteries not included. LOL What? So glad I went with the $250 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 and the 12V 20A DC...
  12. Rear Camera guidelines not there any more

    I had my front camera disconnected for a while after I replaced the front bumper, but didn't have a camera mount yet. I never had any errors on dash, it just didn't show the front view when I had the 360 view on. When I plugged it back in, no issues. It is still fine today.
  13. Is the oil temperature reading taken before or after the oil cooler? 2.7

    In the standard gauge set, the oil temperature is available as one of the digital gauges to display. But I'm curious, is that a temperature reading of the oil temperature before it passes through the oil cooler/heat exchanger or after it? It seems that if the temperature is collected after the...
  14. Was it anybody here who made the wanker list?

    Guess I don't get it. They parked in a spot that 99.9% of other vehicles won't park in. It's also a bit of fun during a normal day. A smile is a smile. Also about snow removal. Apparently some haven't been around where I've been. That lot is plowed. That snow mount will be there till...
  15. What Are Your Winter Road Settings?

    Turned TC off for the snowy/icy today, 2H. Not going fast, but was having a bit of fun wiggling my ass today. ;) F150 next to me at a light, thought he was going to get it. Both of use spun at green. I let off, locked rear, took right off, all left behind. It was straight and only 30mph...
  16. Wiper control speed issues URGENT SAFETY

    Well, it only took almost a year and half to get the wipers to work correctly in the low setting. Got the wiper motor updated last week and drove for an hour in rain today and the low speed setting actually stayed at low speed. No more of the slow down and stop to intermittent wipers. I guess...
  17. Seatbelt Buckle Retention Clip Recall, Removal Tool

    Well, the clip will hold up the seatbelt buckle up. It has a slight tension on the seatbelt itself to keep it where you slid it along the belt. They had mine pushed up and the buckle was up near the top of the seat. I wondered though, since the clip is plastic and outside of the buckle is...
  18. Seatbelt Buckle Retention Clip Recall, Removal Tool

    I got my wiper motor flashed at the dealer for the dry protection mode issue. I hope that fixes that issue, but since it's Winter now, might not get to try it out till Spring. But they also did the seatbelt retention clip recall. I didn’t really want that, but it was on there when I picked it...
  19. ADV Production Modular Hardtop!

    I believe this is the longest post I have followed so far. Started following, since I was originally interested in a one piece top. Now a few other options seem to be available this year as well, so will be interesting to see when the tops finally get released to the public for usage. Right...