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  1. Day After Moab Off-Roadeo Recommendations

    My wife and I will be heading to the Off-Roadeo in Moab mid March. We are planning on spending the week in Moab, and we are beyond excited, as this'll be our first trip without kids in 6 years. We will be renting a (yes I know) Jeep from Twisted Jeeps the day after the Off-Roadeo to do some self...
  2. Going to The Moab Off-Rodeo on Monday, March 18 and Looking for Ideas

    My wife and I are heading to Moab for the Bronco Off-Roadeo in March and couldn’t be more excited. This will be the first trip we’ve taken without kids since our 6 y/o was born. We also didn’t do a trip for our 10 year anniversary, as it fell within the craziness of the pandemic. So we want to...
  3. Unconventionally Installed the Z-Roads Wind Diffuser

    Due to the width of the diffuser (39 inches) and space between the rack being 38 inches, I couldn’t install it in between the first and second fin. So ended up using some sinch straps. Definitely a lot less noise and no annoying whistle.
  4. Front Passenger Window not going up/down for door open.

    I’ve tried doing the reset where you put it all the way down and hold for 5 seconds and the all the way back up and hold for 5 seconds but it is not fixing the issue. What is the next step?
  5. Diode Dynamics - SS5 Crosslink Lightbar with an OEM roof rack? Possible?

    Anyone tried mounting the Diode Dynamics - SS5 Crosslink Lightbar with an OEM roof rack using the Rigid Industries roof rack mount? any luck?
  6. Steel or Aluminum for the Fuel Tank Skid?

    I have an aluminum skid plate ordered through JcrOffroad but I’m debating switching to the steel. They have long lead times, so I’m pretty sure I could still switch. The weight difference is less than 30lbs between the steel and aluminum. I’m all about saving weight where I can but with as low...
  7. Is RPMBronco.com Legit?

    I can’t find any reviews or any mentions of them in this blog. Their prices seem too good to be true and these two things are throwing up red flags. anyone ever bought anything from them? https://rpmbronco.com/collections/exterior-ford-bronco
  8. Any Experience with RPM Bronco Fuel Tank Skid?

    Doing some research into options for Fuel Tank Skids. I have the Mod Bumper on my OBX Sas w/ the front plates, the Mabett Transmission Skid, and the OEM transfer skid back ordered with Ruxer. Thing I’m really missing out on is a fuel tank skid. Came across the RPM fuel tank skid but can’t...
  9. Great Value Hardtop

  10. Successfully Removed Mid Panel w/ the OEM Roof Rack Installed.

    You cannot remove the Mid Panel with the Roof Rack fully attached. There is not enough clearance, due to it being one solid piece. With that said, I was curious to see if removing the front cover and bolts would allow enough clearance to lift the rack slightly to slide out the mid panel. It...
  11. Trouble Getting Doors and Roof Off!!!! 😐😐😐

    I was lucky enough to stroll casually into my local Ford dealer today and stumble upon this rare sought after Bronco at only $15,000 above MSRP! I know a ton of people have been waiting years for their Bronco and I feel bad skipping the line but I just HAD to have it. It’s a surprisingly nice...
  12. Height of 4 Door Outer Banks with Sasquatch and Roof Rails?

    I'm sure this question has been asked but having trouble finding actual in person measurements. Curious if anyone with an Outer Banks Sas/Roof Rails have measure the height of their vehicle to the top of the roof rack? I have a 4 door Outer Banks with Sas and Roof Rails scheduled for production...
  13. Update Your Bronco or Else! (Round 3 Email)

    Dear Bronco Customer, Although we are doing everything we can to continue manufacturing Ford Bronco® SUVs exactly as ordered, global supply chain shortages and unprecedented demand have impacted our ability to produce your Bronco. To give your Bronco the best chance at being produced, please...
  14. Your Experience with Price Protection

    So I, like many others, am stuck in order confirmed purgatory hoping to one day get that glorious "scheduled for production" email. I've only been here since 10/13/2021, so condolences to those that have been waiting longer. Here is a little long-winded background on my question .... bare with...