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  1. Hey! Hey! Any of ya'll experts knows...

    That will be a great looking combination when complete.. Those wheels look great, and are a great deal from Ford. Combined with KM3 ?!! BOOM ! I have no idea if they will fit but looking forward to seeing pics.
  2. Ford stole $1,300 worth (262k points) of reward points - empty hardtop promises.

    Yes you can, see upthread, I purchased running boards + installing labor with mine. Anything Ford. edit: not quite everything. Points good on Ford Accessories website, but not on Ford Performance.
  3. Ford stole $1,300 worth (262k points) of reward points - empty hardtop promises.

    Should’ve used the points bro. I got some sweet running boards and several oil changes using my points.
  4. Need a new engine on my 2021 Badlands Sasquatch

    Odds on this being a flood damaged car from Florida ?
  5. Need a new engine on my 2021 Badlands Sasquatch

    That sux. This is the reason I bought an extended warranty through Granger.
  6. 4A or 2H? Which is the best?

    No. I am on snow covered roads about 6 months of the year, my village averages over 500 inches of snow per year. (that’s over 40 feet of snow per year) I just put it in 4H and drive whatever speed I want. IMHO winter tires are a far better investment than spending the money on 4A.
  7. 4A or 2H? Which is the best?

    Why not ? I use 4H on the road all the time.
  8. 🚨 4Runner Official Debut - Info, Specs, Pics, Videos + First Look Reviews

    No 2-door or manual transmission available? TOTAL FAIL.
  9. Is this a Red Flag?

    Sounds like a good enough deal, go test drive it. I love Azure Grey, great color.
  10. Getting nervous about 2.7 Engine failures issues

    Yeah, this guy is a troll. Look at his other threads.
  11. Bronco February 2024 Sales & Production: 8,186 Sold / 12,659 Produced

    If I am reading this correctly, the Bronco Sport is outselling the regular Bronco by roughly 20 percent.
  12. New Tires - Toyo R/T Trail (315/70r17) installed

    4 jacks and zero jackstands ????? 😱
  13. Bronco Horse Emblem - where to place?

    Uhh… do you have a pic ? If it is where I think you are saying, that is right in the way of an airbag. If someone is in your passenger seat, good chance they will be permanently wearing your Bronco emblem where their teeth used to be.
  14. Bronco Horse Emblem - where to place?

    Bruh: you got 2 of them? Easy answer, mount one on each door. Achieve dominance. Post pics for hero status. F*ck the haters.
  15. Why no limited slip differential option?

    OP should buy a TrueTrac. https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/thoughts-on-detroit-trutrac.63709/
  16. Curt hitch or get Ford installed tow package?

    ^^ this. I have the Curt hitch and I tow a drift boat all summer long. (I’m a fly fishing guide). I see zero reason to get the Ford hitch.
  17. Goodyear Territory MTs on Stock OBX Wheels

    This looks great! Stock OBX wheels do look real good with a beefy tire. Good job, your Bronco is awesome.
  18. What do you think of my potential build?

    I think your “build” is just fine as is. Save your money and skip over the whole Sasquatch hype and buy some better tires on your stock OBX wheels and you will have a very capable rig.