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  1. Morimoto now offering $15.00 for OEM lights on trade!

    Last year I bought some XRGB lights from Morimoto largely because of the trade-in they offer. I sent them to Morimoto and got a check for 600$ a couple weeks later. Easy. Yes they still promote trade-in for Bronco OEM lights but now they offer you a whopping $15.00 on trade-in! Be aware if...
  2. 23 Badlands w/ Morimoto XB and Diode Fog Kit

    Called @4x4TruckLEDs.com and Went with the Amber XB's and the DIODE sport SS3 x 4 and sport Driving SS2 x 2. I went with the cheaper bracket because the flush bracket didnt allow an SS3 in the middle position. I went SAE FOG for the two SS3's on each side and then the driving for the SS2. Wired...
  3. 2023 Carbonized Badlands LUX/ XB Headlights/Diode Fogs

    2.3 may get the ford tuner but not sure i "NEED" it Cooper AT3 XLT 305/70r17 Fuel Wheels +1 offset 15% ceramic tint on front 2 windows I have the amber morimoto XB lights and the diode fog kit waiting for install *ZONE 1" level installed on pics that have the Morimoto XB headlights. Also have...
  4. Georgia 5 Badlands wheels NEW Metro Atlanta

    Changed wheels/tires at 40 miles. all brand new in the Fuel Wheel boxes. 550$ Pics available upon request Please PM me
  5. 305/70r17 - 34x12 - why not more popular?

    I’m getting a non-sas badlands soon and planning on moving up to this size tire. I rarely see any mention of this size I’m guessing because it’s not offered in many options? I think I’m gonna level it with a zone 1” but considering the Broncbuster 1.5” on all 4 corners or the eibach springs. My...
  6. Can you put any 1” levels on the back to keep rake

    I want a small lift and don’t want any squat when towing, has anyone put or can one put, any of the 1” levels on the back? bronco buster makes a 1.5” for all corners and they all look exactly the same, so I wondered why you couldn’t put a 1” back there If it’s no different than the front.
  7. Georgia WTB set of 5 WILDTRAK WHEELS

    Not sure how to do this correctly as far as posting. I am in Metro ATL area.