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  1. 2.7L Oil Change Tips + Replacement Drain Plugs

    I apologize if this has already been discussed, but can anyone tell me differences between these three plugs from UPR? Are they revisions/improvements, or just different features? Speed Easy (newer?) Easy (older?)
  2. Washing the Bronco

    Took off my vinyl and revealed what Oxford white should look like. Guess it’s time mine gets a bath as well
  3. Is this a Red Flag?

    What packages does this badlands have for a $64,415 msrp? As suggested, might have an inflated msrp, or maybe I’m just anchored to “back in my day” pricing when badlands had an msrp around $50k
  4. Debating on 2.3 vs 2.7 engine?

    I assumed the dual injection on 2.7 was to prevent carbon buildup, but I believe I’m wrong. I just read this article about it and Ford engineers claim carbon build up on their DI engine valves isn’t an issue. According to the article, ford’s dual injection implementation uses PI at low rpm for...
  5. Harbor Freight badlands jack mount

    Will you provide some details on your set up? Stands? Also what safe jack items? I see extension, screw collar, pad, base, etc.
  6. Transmission skid plate installed

    FWIW, I’ve had a Asfir’s transmission skid for nearly 2 years. Trans temps have been fine on and off road, including trails in Utah in July and summers in GA. I think you’ll be fine idling the Starbucks drive-thru
  7. Just saw this vintage new Bronco builder… kinda cool

    Interior photos definitely look like upholstered 6G. wonder if anyone will come up with body panels, doors, grill, lights, bumper for 6G that could come close to this retro look. Pretty cool
  8. 3/4" torque wrench needed for rear shock?

    Also in cahoots with Big Bolt. Pretty sure they say that’s a single-use $113.80 msrp bolt on there too
  9. Brighter color choices?

    Lunar Green would be fun as a beach cruiser
  10. Turn winch plate with frame horn reinforcement

    Anyone knowledgable willing to comment on the single bolt in the ADD vs the two bolts in the LoD? Bends I have seen online have twisted the mounting plate up or down and I’m curious if the single slotted hole in the ADD would work as well as the two holes on the LoD. 🤷
  11. 5 Channel Amp..suggestions?

    Not an all in one, but I’ll tell you what I came up with that’s in budget. My front 4 and a subwoofer preout are independently DSP’ed and powered by an infinity dsp4425. Time alignment, phase, crossover, and fine tuned adjustments per speaker. For now my rears are small and just get head unit...
  12. Check out the COBB Intercooler! Available at Panda Motorworks!

    We need a dedicated “outside” thread so we can tell people to “take it outside” when them fighting words start up
  13. IAG's Commitment to Quality: A Glimpse Behind the Scenes

    Really cool video. I appreciate you calling out the lessons learned from the first batch of lift struts. I remember when that went down and how quickly you and your team engaged and remedied the problem. IMO you turned an unfortunate situation that could have hurt your reputation, into an...
  14. Are the stock squatch tires really that bad?

    my guess has a lot to do with brand loyalty and sponsorship. YouTubers immediately throwing on nittos for example. maybe extreme rock crawling or mud requires something more specialized, but I have been happy with the GY for trails around GA and the little bit I’ve done in Utah
  15. National Park Pics... Show Yours!

  16. DIY Hidden Winch Mount v2.0

    your “…” has me on the edge of my seat, obsessively refreshing b6g, hoping to see your list of reasons
  17. What's an EASY hack/fix that REALLY improved your relationship with your Bronco?

    Budget audio upgrade with Infinity DSP4425 - $130 refurb from Sound of Tri-State Not really "EASY" but well worth the time and I can't imagine a better bang for your buck regarding audio in this thing. I'm using it to DSP and power my front 4. Install stuff: I used the DIY harness from LLJ...
  18. Took my Ranger Edition to Moab

    Hurrah Pass is a beautiful easy ride to start on and you can continue on to Chicken Corners. Longer drive than Tower Arch but I’d probably recommend it over redoing Tower if you haven’t done it yet.
  19. kevin.gt

    Georgia Bronco

    @Calm horse last time I was there it was a little dangerous too. If you don’t hold around the right edge of one of the last crossings, it gets deep.. like probably deeper than our spec’d forging depth