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  1. What did you do TO / WITH your Bronco today? 👨🏻‍🔧🧰🚿🛠

    I'm always watching the tides. Apr 11 was a very low morning low tide. So I left for Sparrow Park Rd(google) at 5:00 AM. I had seen these two guys several times in various spots along the beach. Eight trucks on the whole stretch of beach. Everybody was out there with their clam guns. We always...
  2. Debating on 2.3 vs 2.7 engine?

    I've had both. The 2.7 is far superior in every way. And no fuel dilution.
  3. Told my daughter not to lose momentum going thru the mud

    So the minute she felt slippage she GASSED IT! I was in front and didn't get pics. Christmas Valley, Oregon.
  4. Epic road trip, but had to say goodbye to my German Shepherd before we made it home

    I am so sorry about your dog. I had a German Shepherd that lived to be 14.5, after emergency surgery at age nine. I felt the same about her. I swear she understood English. I couldn't talk about her for five years afterward without getting emotional... I had a catholic nun once tell me that...
  5. First official photo - what’s yours?

  6. Worried about the Bronco Engines now….

    To the OP. 29,000+ on my 2.7. Trouble free so far. The 2.3 that I had in a Ranger did have a strong gas smell the first time I changed the engine oil(direct AND port injection). With both of these engines, don't go by the 10,000 mile recommendation. Change the oil around 5,000 miles with a good...
  7. Show us your Bronco snow pics!! ☃️❄️🥶

    Diamond Lake, Oregon. March 1.
  8. Considering buying new 2024 Bronco, thoughts on quality issues and problems?

    Remember, you get a discount on parts if you or a family member are employees! I do my own maintenance, and I love getting a discount!
  9. Trying to decide which Bronco to get. Turbo 4 or TTV6

    To the OP. Do not get the 2.3. The superior power output of the 2.7 even helps its gas mileage(If you keep out of the turbos). Mine will get 21.5-24 on the highway. Also I thought the 2.3 in my Ranger was kind of a dog. It always seemed like its breathing was constricted. Rougher than my SIL's...
  10. Bronco Team 2 door.

    Finally got to put something on the finish of my daughter’s BD. I’ve been using this stuff since 2021. It’s an incredible value at $15 a bottle. It does last a full year if you are busy using your Bronco…
  11. Not Bronco related but I am proud of myself 🫡

    Thanks for serving our country! I hope you Don't get bored with retirement like I do. In fact it's the main reason my Bronco is piling up the miles so fast!
  12. Considering buying new 2024 Bronco, thoughts on quality issues and problems?

    I'm up to 28,600+ miles since December 8, 2022. Zero has gone wrong. I do tell people to not get a Bronco unless it has the Sasquatch package. Also get the 2.7. It's a beast, and in everyday driving it loafs along with all that power. Plus it's direct AND port injected so you don't have to worry...
  13. Bucking on Acceleration

    My son in law's 21 ranger 2.3 had those symptoms for months. Dealer kept telling them they couldn't recreate it. In early December of 2022 it became undriveable. The dealership wasn't very open about what the problem was, other than it was tranny related. AND they couldn't fix it. They finally...
  14. Show us your Bronco snow pics!! ☃️❄️🥶

    Crescent Lake, Oregon.
  15. Anchorage or the Valley?

    The stock Goodyear rock throwers are awesome in the snow, even though they aren’t threepeak rated. I’m over 28,000 miles doing five tire rotation. Though I’m a ko2 guy, I’ve thought about getting these again, since they’re much cheaper(if you can get them) and a lot quieter than ko2’s on pavement.
  16. Outer Banks SAS

    My daughters BD is lifted 2-3" w/spacers, and has Sas fender flares and tires.