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  1. Installing Oracle LED grill letters. Need advice please.

    Thanks for the info. Appreciate it
  2. Installing Oracle LED grill letters. Need advice please.

    the fuse you pulled out of that spot, what did it control originally? Im doing the same process but it’s on my 22’ Wildtrak with Lux. I would like to use that location with a tap fuse but want to make sure it don’t disable any other features. The diagram I found shows it is for the transmission...
  3. Putco Luminix Ford Bronco LED Grille Emblem for 2021+ Ford Bronco

    I am having the same fuse issue as the spot they recommend doesn’t fit properly. Any chance you could show a video of how you proceeded?
  4. Putco Luminix Ford Bronco LED Grille Emblem for 2021+ Ford Bronco

    do you know if the orders placed on February 1st will be fulfilled with this next shipment?
  5. Putco Luminix Ford Bronco LED Grille Emblem for 2021+ Ford Bronco

    Just FYI, I placed an order on 2/1 (w/front camera) and it hasn’t been fulfilled yet. Called yesterday and they still don’t have them back in stock….maybe by the end of the week. You may be waiting a little longer. Sounds like it’s a popular product right now.
  6. I got Bucked!

  7. To Wave or not to Wave?

    I dont get the ‘wave’ thing. When driving my Toyota Avalon, should I wave at other people driving their Avalon? Like we’re part of some sort of secret exclusive club…….bunch of dorks
  8. CAI Popping after install

    Did you disconnect the battery terminal prior to installing it?
  9. 【On Sale】Houclemic Under Seat Vent Deflector for Ford Bronco 4 Door

    I’m hoping this magically Increases anyone’s actual airflow that comes out of these floor vents…..will wait for reviews
  10. Speed Compensated Volume...does it work for you?

    I’ve never noticed a difference with mine set to HIGH and have tried different settings as well. Thought maybe it was just me. My 12’ Raptor with the crappy Sony audio has a speed compensated volume control that works way better than the B&O system.
  11. Possibly buying a 22 Wildtrak, what to look for...

    Get what you want. The HOSS 3.0 is a nice upgrade and could fetch a little more resale if you go to sell it. But unless you plan to do some serious off roading or add on mods, the HOSS 2.5 is still a nice ride. I have a loaded 22’ Wildtrak and was built a week before the HOSS 3.0 became an...
  12. Illinois 2023 Bronco Raptor For Sale $90k

    I recognize this one and have seen it around St Charles on occasion. It’s a good looking vehicle and appears in great shape. It shouldn’t last long at this price. Hawk Ford also has used Raptor Bronco selling for $90,000 but with a load more miles on it…and looks like it was driven alot more.
  13. 2 Door Base First Impressions and Ride Along With 360-degree Camera

    So it turns out the issue is a coolant control valve for the transmission fluid heater that is slowly dripping onto the battery control sensor. Okay to drive until the parts come in next week. There is an updated TSB on this issue as well. TSB 23-2196 was superseded by this current one 23-2368.
  14. Driver's side window not automatically dropping or closing when door opens or closes

    There is also a TSB on this for when the reset/relearn does not work. The reset never worked for me on my 22’ Wildtrak. Dealer ended up ordering a new rubber strip/top rail and it fixed the issue.
  15. 2 Door Base First Impressions and Ride Along With 360-degree Camera

    I have nothing aftermarket on it except tinted windows and heated rear seats..both done the first few days of ownership. Ive been lucky so far without any issues
  16. 2 Door Base First Impressions and Ride Along With 360-degree Camera

    Just got this same message today for the first time on my 22’ Wildtrak…just over 15 months old with 15,000 miles on it. appointment this Friday with Ford to see what the ‘gremlin’ is
  17. side mirror wire connectors

    I’m curious how old you Bronco is and isn’t it still under warranty? Or are you over the 36,000 miles? I didn’t see any other information that you replaced the side mirrors already or did some aftermarket mod to them.
  18. Roof Rack Won't Secure. Help! Video.

    I don’t know what all the fuss is about. I take my OEM rack apart/off a lot and put it back together without any issues. I’ve found that only tightening all the pieces/screws a few turns first helps a great deal. Then once everything is placed/secured back together I then tighten everything...
  19. Rear heated seats options in raptor

    Nope, the seat covers were secured to the underside of the seat frame with some sort of strong, metal clip that they needed to use a tool to detach/reattach. They explained that this was their preferred method of install so that the heating components don’t bunch up/lie flat under the cover.
  20. Rear heated seats options in raptor

    Yes, seats and back/bolsters. I shelled out $500 total for the parts/install/5 year warranty and had an auto upholstery shop do the work. It was their first Bronco install and after watching them take the whole backseat out, strip off the seat covers and drill the holes for the control knobs...