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    FOR SALE: 2021-2023 SKID PLATES FOR FORD BRONCO. All factory off a new Badlands. $250 OBO. Available for local pickup or next town drop-off.
  2. JCR vs RCI skid plates?

    Currently I have a Badlands model coming in a week and would like to replace the stock skid plates. I kind of settled on JCR or RCI skid plates for a modification. I aready ordered the RCI Rock Rails and awaiting delivery. Does anyone have an opinion on either brand and will installing the...
  3. Bronco Off Rodeo See Saw

    Attended the Bronco Off Rodeo event in early November and it was worth every minute! My rig was the Wildtrack Model and it exceeded my expectations. Maybe another year wait for this guy to get my Badlands delivered but in the meantime, had a rockin good time!
  4. Speedometer on then left side of the screen?

    Does anyone else find it strange that images of the dashboard has the speedometer on then left side of the screen? After driving in every vehicle imaginable for 44 hrs this is the only vehicle I know if where it is not on the right! Does anyone else find this awkward?