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  1. Pre collision sensor update

    Slightly off topic, but when I had the windshield replaced, insurance initially denied my request to OEM glass until I told them there was a camera integral to safety features located there. No issues with pre-collision assist after the glass replacement (the shop also re-calibrated the camera)
  2. is catch can needed on 2.3L? (worth the $)

    Mine had about half an inch of sludge under another half inch of thin brown liquid (dirty/oily water from condensation, I presume) in it after 5k miles.
  3. CarPlay google maps gets stuck in 2/3 screen:

    This has been happening to me for a couple of months. I switched to Apple Maps for a minute then switched back to google. The issue came back. i did the soft reset this morning and it fixed the issue. Curious to see how often it comes back and I need to do that… image for anyone coming to the...
  4. Best Budget Air Compressor for Sand

    Thanks for the picture to put it in perspective. I think I’m going to see if the 4-tire hose snakes can fit with the compressor in 4800 (since they are on sale until tomorrow).
  5. Best Budget Air Compressor for Sand

    I know the bags that come with yours are kinda crappy. Do you know of a good bag (or hard box) that fits the compressor w/ 4 tire hoses?
  6. B&O blew a Kicker 46CSC44 4"

    Just found this thread. Over a year ago I replaced the dash corner speakers with Hertz CX100 and the center with the PRV woofer a lot of members have been using, and they have been great. Bronco just went to the dealer for the wiper motor recall and to fix the wireless charging pad. On the...
  7. 7 speaker amp vs B&O amp

    B&O amp is 660w, so 110 per channel. 2 channels drive the sub.
  8. Ebay Fog Lights

    I agree with your sentiment about buying lights for ones needs, and not spending 4x just because some forum nerds said to. This is the only part I'm not very sure about. A lot goes into beam pattern and cut off design. I am not confident these ebay spot beam pattern lights can ever be both...
  9. Feedback/Help on B&O Upgrade

    I'd skip the rear pod upgrade and put that money toward a sub upgrade. I went to Hertz K165 components in 6.5" Mabett pods and really can't tell a difference from the driver seat. ~$300 could have been spent somewhere else. I've really enjoyed my Hertz CX100's in the front/left dash...
  10. B&O sound system complete upgrade - Done ✅

    Did you run the Key amp setup? I have the same Amp & Sub, but I used the PlugnPlay Kits harness rather than splicing into the existing harness.
  11. 2dr dsp/amp that fits stock location?

    I think the best option for me would be the additional modification of the factory sub box as outlined in that thread @misterspivey linked. I already had to modify it to fit the Kicker 43CWRT81 in there--what's a little more dremeling? Second best option would be to use the MTI mount w/ the...
  12. Who is running 37" tires with a 2.3L and Manual Transmission?

    I've already gotten so used to the extra power from the Ford Performance tune on 33's... I'm terrified what its going to feel like going to bigger, heavier tires.
  13. 2dr dsp/amp that fits stock location?

    Good call! I'll watch this thread and see if anyone comes up with anything. How far off of fitting in the B&O location is the Mobridge unit (in 2 doors)?
  14. 2dr dsp/amp that fits stock location?

    I assumed you were talking about the Mobridge A2B Amp/DSP. If I'm not mistaken, both that and the Nav-TV I linked are A2B interfaces included in an amp w/ DSP... basically an all in one package. I'd also love to find more options for us 2 door Lux people to get more out of the audio system...
  15. 2dr dsp/amp that fits stock location?

    I'm not sure either of those options are A2B interfaces. I haven't done any research, but saw this suggested on an F-150 Forum. https://navtv.com/products/NTV-KIT889/zen-a2b-dsp12a-a2b.html
  16. Suma Performance mirrors review & photos/video — I'm impressed!

    My 2 cents: Overall, I'm a bit disappointed with mine, but going to keep them on. The first thing I noticed (and my biggest gripe by far) is that the "white" version is kind of a blue-gray. It's difficult to make out detail through (40%) tinted windows on grey, overcast winter days. It does...
  17. anyone else have this issue with wireless Android Auto?

    Agree with this. Wireless Carplay disconnects in the same spots (near some airfields, near certain cell phone towers, etc).
  18. Slippery To Normal Goat mode

    I have the fancy pants 4A, but either way, going to the Slippery mode (vs clicking into 4H/4A) also reduces throttle response (a la Eco mode). I just click into 4A/H rather than deal with the lagginess of turning GOAT mode dial.
  19. Show Us Your Reverse / Rear Chase Lights!

    I did a similar setup with Diode Dynamics SSC1 Pro's--which appear to have about the same output as these 4Bangers in Floor Pattern. I'm not convinced they are bright enough to piss anyone off, but it makes me feel good to know that I can at least try. Disclaimer: I've only used them once, when...