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  1. Bronco vs. Grenadier vs. the world

    There’s an entire lot of them for sale here in Danbury CT.
  2. Aftermarket Rear Bumpers

    ADD builds them for MaxLider.
  3. Stuffin’ a 2dr -- what have you stuffed into your 2 door Bronco?

    Bet that plastic out back looks like it hauled twenty plants too!!!
  4. Is the Top Lift Pro the best option for a 2 door hardtop removal? Ease of use?

    I have a ceiling mounted electric winch. Makes removing/replacing my 2 door hard top about an 8 minute process, and I can park underneath it suspended from the ceiling. I imagine the top lift pro makes removal equally as easy.
  5. Anyone know how to set steering wheel buttons to switch sirius channels, not presets????

    Didn’t say it worked optimally, I just said it has that functionality. I don’t use it.
  6. Anyone know how to set steering wheel buttons to switch sirius channels, not presets????

    Yes the steering wheel will do what you’re asking. Pressing and releasing the button goes to the next preset. Pressing and holding for 2-3 seconds goes to the next Sirius station. I just tested this in my bronco.
  7. Changing Sirius XM Stations via steering wheel controls

    I read on here yesterday, someone asking if the steering wheel controls can change Sirius stations and not just go to the next preset. I cannot find the thread. I just tested this in my bronco. If you press and release the button, it will change to the next preset. If you press and hold the...
  8. Aftermarket Rear Bumpers

    Here’s my MaxLider rear.
  9. Ford stole $1,300 worth (262k points) of reward points - empty hardtop promises.

    Warranty work does not use or earn FP points.
  10. Uncomfortable front seats! What is the solution?

    I used the smaller. I think it’ll be way too much tilt using both. Although, with the jackets in place, I can now fine tune the amount of tilt by raising or lowering the seat bottom (manual MGV seats in 2 door).
  11. SAS ride quality on interstate highways?

    This is the route I went. They allow you to raise a little, or a lot. The smaller shim was enough for my liking.
  12. SAS ride quality on interstate highways?

    This works. Did mine, and have forgotten about how flat the bottom seat cushion laid.
  13. Colorado WTB: Rampage 2-Door Soft Top

    Real truck sells the top. They bought Rampage. It’s still available.
  14. Please HELP me identify this bag - SOLVED

    You mean two top bags, and one recovery gear bag!!
  15. Please HELP me identify this bag - SOLVED

    That looks like a garage storage bag for the top. If your other bags have hooks, they are for storing the panels in the cargo area of the bronco.
  16. Show me your lifted Broncos!

    Same for me. Never any rub with the JKS kit.
  17. Help with Radio/Pandora/GPS selections

    To quickly disconnect her Pandora, on the bottom of the screen, select phone, then phone list, you will see her phone listed with three buttons displayed next to it. The far right button should be CarPlay or Android Auto. Select that button to turn that auto pairing feature off.
  18. Infotainment 8" to 12" upgrade completed.

    Pretty positive that I can disassemble it with my eyes closed now. I also added HD radio while I had it apart.
  19. Someone please tell my why?

    First was a catalytic converter failure which caused the engine not to run, not an engine failure. Engine was not replaced, Cat was. This time…who knows.
  20. Dealer claims diesel gas was in fuel tank

    ^^^This exactly. I would have immediately followed up with the service station I had just purchased fuel from. If you got a bad tank, so did everyone else that fueled there. And the stations insurance would be on the hook for repairs.