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  1. Bestop Sunrider - reviews / feedback?

    Be sure to post pics.
  2. SAS ride quality on interstate highways?

    How much of a difference is there in the suspension between a SAS outbanks and a wild traks?
  3. SAS ride quality on interstate highways?

    Test driving this weekend. Not sure what they will have on the lot to test. I believe the '24 order bank are closed so would have to wait for '25 order banks to open if we decide on something.
  4. SAS ride quality on interstate highways?

    Off subject alittle but i keep seeing pics of the inside of outerbanks and they have power seats but on the Ford build site it says manual seats? Some have said its with you get leather its got power seats but there is no option for cloth or leather on Fords build site?
  5. Bestop Sunrider - reviews / feedback?

    Who has the Bestop sunrider? Was looking for reviews on what people think of it from first hand use. What's the difference between "black diamond" and "premium black twill"?
  6. SAS ride quality on interstate highways?

    That makes more sense now with the gearing when factoring in the different tire size. Has anyone gotten the 4.27 gears over the 4.7? What is the main advantage of each? Not sure why there charging more for the 4.27?
  7. SAS ride quality on interstate highways?

    Gas mileage isn't so much a concern, our Sport has never impressed me with its MPG. One of my concerns is the gearing, the SAS says it has 4.7 gears? Being involved with Mustangs 3.73 was pretty standard so wouldn't a 4.7 make your RPM's crazy high on the interstate? Maybe im not understanding...
  8. SAS ride quality on interstate highways?

    Does the SAS package make interstate driving a issue? Im between a Lux outerbanks without OR without SAS. It will be a mall crawler so i figure the stock outerbanks wheels would be better but the wife and i both really like the look of the SAS package and id like to have the 4A for her convenience.
  9. Pic request: Outerbanks with Badlands or SAS wheels

    Those are the OEM tires that come on the Badlands?
  10. Pic request: Outerbanks with Badlands or SAS wheels

    What modification are need for fitting the Badland and SAS wheels?
  11. Pic request: Outerbanks with Badlands or SAS wheels

    Im looking for people who swapped out there stock OBX wheels for OEM badlands or SAS wheels.
  12. Granger Has Received Bronco Raptor Allocations- 2% Under Invoice!!

    What is Granger doing on Outerbanks and Badlands? Are the other models 2% as well?
  13. Pic request: Outerbanks with Badlands or SAS wheels

    Looking for pics of Outerbanks with stock Badland wheels and SAS wheels. Will both bolt on with no mods to a stock outerbanks?
  14. Bronco Sport Recall and Ford's "Fix"!

    Recall is only for the 1.5L FYI
  15. Are dealers still selling at MSRP?

    Are dealers still selling at msrp? Iv seen people talking about the Raptors being 2% under so was wondering if places are doing under for other models like the outer banks.
  16. F150 to Bronco?

    Our Sport has the 2.0 and it gets around pretty good. The wife really likes the sport but whenever we see a reg. Bronco she likes it so much and wants one. Personally i think she would be happy with the exterior but unhappy with the noise and the interior. As pointed out the reg. Bronco is off...
  17. F150 to Bronco?

    I dont haul anything so i dont need a truck but i do like the room inside. Have a F150 and Bronco sport and was thinking of keeping the sport instead of the f150. The wife and i both like the sport, its zippy and easy to park but it does lack room inside and with two sons one who just hit his...
  18. F150 to Bronco?

    Has anyone gone from a F150 to a Bronco? Did the Bronco feel really small inside compared to the F150?
  19. Mud Flaps installed

    The fronts seem like they leave a big open spot for stuff to come though?