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  1. Okay, which one of us did this?

  2. Invoice Pricing increase on 2022.5

    hey all, I've dug around a bit and tried to find if there was an increase on dealer invoice pricing that went along with the 2022.5 increases. Does anybody know if the invoice pricing went up and by how much?
  3. You might not can drive a Bronco yet but you can wear one! Bronco Yz Boost Sneakers

    Available in men's and womens. If the size is higher than 13 does that make it a Sasquatch by default?
  4. newly delivered mannequin MIC 2.0?

    Hey all, local dealer just acquired a rapid red 2 door BB with V6 and Sasquatch. I stopped by to look at the MIC too for imperfections and saw the same sandwiched shit on the rear glass panel with splitting that we've seen in MIC 1.0. The unknowledgeable salesman didn't know the build date...
  5. Did we ever figure out the price protection voucher thing?

    I've seen the term voucher used etc. How exactly does it work? Price knocked off at sale? I had a BD ordered and going Badlands which shares the same $825. I plan on keeping the capable bumper so my price should be discounted the $525 or whatever it is. At what point does that discount...
  6. What's the part number for black Bronco tailgate emblem?

    Hey all, I'm looking to replace the chrome bucking Bronco rear tailgate emblem with the black one from the Wildtrak. I spoke directly with someone from Ford online and was told it was part number M2DZ-7842528-B but they didn't have it in stock. Can anybody confirm as there are no pics available...
  7. Factory blacked out Bronco emblems and logos?

    I've seen blacked out emblems and logos in certain pictures. Is this model specific or is there an option somewhere? I want to make sure all my ducks are in a row come order time and I'm not digging the thought of silver emblems with Area 51.
  8. 'Twas the Night of the Build&Price.

    and all through the site. we'll keep adding and building to get it just right. So many colors run all through our head. blue, blue, blue or that Rapid Red. So many answers but we'll still have that one. Is Area 51 blue or green in the sun? For months now we've screamed and made a big scene...
  9. Email from my dealer with insight into ordering.

    Hey guys, dont know if this has been gone over yet so dont throw chairs at me. I just got an email from my dealer with insight on how orders, allocations etc. will go down. Again I apologize if this has been covered... Hi, my name is Chris Williamson and I am the General Manager at Ernest...
  10. Optioning up just tires

    Anybody have any info of the possibility of optioning up just the tires? I have a 4 door Big Bend reserved but the included tire doesn't look meaty enough. I had the BFG AT KO on a K5 I used to have and would like to have a set of 33s like in the higher trimmed model Badlands I think it was. Any...