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  1. Installing TeocaliMG's front differential drop kit

    The OEM front mount bracket has an extra piece of metal bent over the differential mount bushing. Just need to drop the diff enough to pull the bracket out. The right side spacer is simple enough. The rear mount was fun. There are two bolts securing the rear mount to the differential. The right...
  2. Installing TeocaliMG's front differential drop kit

    Installed @TeocaliMG 's front diff drop today. I had pre cut the front diff skid beforehand, using Teo's template from another thread. Cut the front skid plate left rear bracket off, since the drop bracket doesnt have a threaded hole, notched the side of it, and used an unused tapped hole in the...
  3. First Week of Bronco Ownership Revisited

    Some of the replies were a bit brash, perhaps, and ultimately it's the consumer's responsibility to research what they are buying, but maybe people who drive or have driven newer cars assume that all new cars have all these as standard features. Even normal passenger vehicles, like Honda for...
  4. Need Aftermarket Upper Control Arms?

    The trick is to adjust the lower arms, haha. It's not as cut and dry as adjusting toe, but once you see the adjustments on the rack, you can dial in the camber and caster. Aftermarket upper control arms add some positive caster to help after lifting a vehicle.
  5. Why does the swing gate swing to the right?

    We can start a lefty Bronco club. No right handed weirdos allowed.
  6. First week of Bronco ownership - There are questions

    Congrats on your purchase. The Bronco is an absolute blast to drive. As stated before, even though it's new, Broncos are pretty bare bones rigs, creature comfort-wise. They do get some nice offroad equipment though. Before the Bronco, I drove a 98 Expedition, so for me, the Bronco is certainly...
  7. Hey! Hey! Any of ya'll experts knows...

    If the actual width is similar to the Goodyears, or Firestone Destination mt2, yes, they will fit. I swapped 315.70r17 MT2's on my non Squatch BL with factory wheels. Pulled crash bars. I might have had a slight rub on the right front tire, contacting the sway bar at full steering lock to the...
  8. First week of Bronco ownership - There are questions

    Clever! Ill have to do that. It drove me nuts for a week.
  9. First week of Bronco ownership - There are questions

    Solid point. A lot of driving support like lane keep, departure warning, and adaptive cruise are becoming standard equipment on vehicles. I'm thankful it was only an option for Broncos.
  10. First week of Bronco ownership - There are questions

    Made that mistake. Got it detailed one day, and it took me a week to find my sweet spot again. Mine are manual seats.
  11. Four Problems in a 6.5 mile trip!

    Ive felt the bucking when shifting from 1st to 2nd. Not all the time, pretty intermittent. I wonder if there isnt enough grease on the input shaft, and clutch disc sticks a bit. My right rear window likes to fight me sometimes. Gotta relearn it every now and then. Ive read a new window...
  12. Bronco Raptor at Costco! Big Savings -$2,400 off MSRP

    I dont know the options, but they have a little ways to go.
  13. VELOCITY BLUE Bronco Club

    That time of year fellas.
  14. Debating on 2.3 vs 2.7 engine?

    Ill poke around. I haven't heard of any myself, aside from the vehicles I work on, and it's mostly faulty injectors from the factiory, and the buildup on the DI Fits, no cylinder head issues.
  15. Debating on 2.3 vs 2.7 engine?

    Plenty of DI vehicles on the roads these days, and I haven't heard of any of them needing valve jobs. Ive walnut blasted some Honda Fit valves for carbon deposits causing issues, but no serious head issues, yet.
  16. Debating on 2.3 vs 2.7 engine?

    2.3 is fine in the Broncos. I chose 2.3 because I wanted the 7mt. Makes plenty of power for me. Add some premium fuel for a few extra ponies, or the Ford tune.
  17. Getting nervous about 2.7 Engine failures issues

    Put in 4lo, clutch bomb in crawl. It's a secret drivetrain reset procedure.
  18. My Badlands capable daily driver (Heretic) build

    Prepping @TeocaliMG 's diff drop kit. Hope to install it this week. Of course I rattle canned it orange to match that Badlands style.