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  1. My Cross Country Trip [ATL to TORONTO]

    Disclaimer: This post does not have any off-roading related notes, please don't whip me 🙏:D Over the weekend, I drove my 24 Non-Sas BD from Atlanta to Toronto and here are the things I noticed from my solo road trip; sharing them here so that anyone can share your thoughts as well or can get...
  2. My Baby is Finally Home... After Being Shot at and Crashed

    Glad you're okay.. I still cant process how flag cover offends someone this bad!!! :oops::oops::oops::oops:
  3. OEM Hardtop available as accessory part ... here it comes.

    Isn't that a rip off? I paid abt $2500 for MIC Hardtop+SoftTop during ordering...
  4. BrowniesBD

    Georgia Bronco

    following this thread... as long as a stock BD with no sasquatch can roll, I will be watching to join.
  5. XPEL Ceramic Coating + XPEL Ultimate Plus PPF Applied

    Got them wrapped (PPF) at AP3 - Phenomenal Service. https://www.xpelatl.com/ If you're in ATL/GA, you should totally check them out! Placed the BD Stock sticker down for now after applying the PPF as I am planning to get the Classic Bronco fender sticker
  6. XPEL Ceramic Coating + XPEL Ultimate Plus PPF Applied

    in ATL, it comes around half the price with 10 year warranty from XPEL recommended partner. I will be getting my rig tomorrow after XPEL stealth wrap; will post some pictures.
  7. @KermitBronco ULTIMATE Badlands Build

    Great build! I'm here for the "Dont Pet The Bronco" decal :D:D
  8. XPEL Wraps around Atlanta area

    Thank You @doink. I went with AP3 in Alpharetta. https://www.xpelatl.com/ as of now my truck is in their shop, expected to finish the job by tomorrow or Friday. I will update the thread on how it goes.
  9. VIN/Scheduling email from Ford

    🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁.... After a wait of 5 months, I got my hands on MY24 BD.
  10. My 2024 Bronco Everglades is delivered!

    Congratulations!!! my BD is OTW... I can feel your excitement..
  11. XPEL Wraps around Atlanta area

    While I wait for my Bronco to be delivered "soon", I am looking for recommendations to apply XPEL Stealth Wrap around Atl area. If anyone has done it or have a solid recommendation, please let me know. if you can sprinkle in some ballpark $$ value, I would appreciate that too....
  12. SAS wheels and tires on non-SAS Outer Banks

    where does the overall height stand now?
  13. Dubai Bronco Raptor Delivered & Gets Custom Wrap w/ Graphics

    OJ Sticker def caught my eye... 🔥 lol looked up a Dubai retailer and they have more Bronco's than several retailers combined here in the US 🤦‍♂️
  14. Latest 2024 Bronco Production Key Commodity Constraints + Total Retail Unscheduled Orders (12/4/23)

    Thanks for chiming in... decisions decision decisions....I am going to sleep on it and make a call.
  15. Latest 2024 Bronco Production Key Commodity Constraints + Total Retail Unscheduled Orders (12/4/23)

    Thank You, @RagnarKon. That was extremely helpful. Getting dates pushed out w/o making any changes is beyond our control...(unfortunately)
  16. Latest 2024 Bronco Production Key Commodity Constraints + Total Retail Unscheduled Orders (12/4/23)

    @RagnarKon : thank You for the very detailed explanation on the top of the thread. I have a scheduled week of 1/1/24, and now is thinking of adding SAS (I was told that I can still edit the Order) Based on the constraints of about 37%, would it be pushed off the schedule, OR Because there is a...
  17. VIN/Scheduling email from Ford

    As @BlueBronco said, no communication from Ford, but seeing some updates here I was able to get hold of the VIN number from my dealer..(which was incorrect, but then Ford chat was able to quickly get the actual VIN). Looks like a NY baby is on the way.. Scheduled Date: 01/02/2024!!!
  18. 2024 Bronco Scheduling This Week (11/30/23) for January 2024 Main Commit

    Congratulations. I had ordered on 8/26 BD non-Sas. Same exact color you have. Still waiting for an update from Dealer/Ford email. edit: My sales guy told I’m slated for 1/3 production! Still waiting for that VIN
  19. My Bronc.

    The Green during golden hours looking lit 🔥. You did an amazing job taking these pictures at the right time...