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  1. Aonarch’s 2023 Bronco Build

    Haha. That's called muffler delete.
  2. Aonarch’s 2023 Bronco Build

    Cool. Now you just need some control arm skid plates. About $25 each.
  3. Wide vs. Narrow tire

    I agree, which is why I am 265/70 (32"). Mostly beach driving just fine aired down, though wider would be fine too. Otherwise I am on pavement, so narrower for handling and mileage. For snow you want a narrower tire when not aired down on pavement and wider aired down off road. Mud wider. Rock...
  4. Wide vs. Narrow tire

    Here we have tests by a mechanical engineer of off-road tires. Mostly exact same tire in tests, except width on one 315 (SAS tire) and width on another only 255. And the winner is...
  5. 4A or 2H? Which is the best?

    So if I read this thread correctly (did not get to all of it), 4A in my Bronco is not the same as my AWD only Explorer. Still not sure I understand why. And while they may be different, my Explorer has the same dash setting that shows how much power is going to rear and front axles/wheels...
  6. Why no limited slip differential option?

    Ok, so here is my advice to Ford for the Bronco. In upcoming model years have a "custom" setting so you can start the Bronco in whatever mode you want - whatever combination of 2H, 4H, 4A, slippery, sport - whatever you prefer and use most upon starting. I think that would be a huge seller.
  7. Why no limited slip differential option?

    Can you set it to 4A default or do you have to hit a button on the steering wheel to stay in 4A each time you start the Bronco? That's one annoyance for me, but perhaps I am missing something. I have an Explorer that is AWD only. I just get in and drive.
  8. Why no limited slip differential option?

    Also ain't nothing stopping me from putting a front locker on my BD that comes with a rear one. I'm just pointing out that I think it would have been nice for Ford to have an "option" for LS on the Bronco (I had an option for a front locker on my BD with SAS). Jeep offers LS as an option and...
  9. Why no limited slip differential option?

    Agreed. But I will say I have 4A. I don't use it all the time on pavement. Only in very slick conditions. Very heavy rain. Conditions where pavement may turn into snow. So, I generally use 2H on pavement. You never know if you will drive into something slick and and LS is always on on the rear...
  10. Why no limited slip differential option?

    I have been driving sand for decades 150-200 times a year fishing. Never had a locker until now. No real prob, but LS helped. The few times I got stuck and recovered a locker may (again may) have done the trick, so happy I have one now. In my OP my point was on pavement in 2H something slick may...
  11. Why no limited slip differential option?

    Nope. But I'd like to have it if needed. Since my off road is beach driving fishing much of the year, I don't really need a locking rear diff, but nice to know I have it if I need it. Also, a LS would probably be more handy on sand than a diff, though I gave a 2H pavement example for a LS.
  12. Why no limited slip differential option?

    I get Broncos are made for off road. Bought mine as a new beach buggy as I work up and down beaches fishing many a night every year. However, we all drive the Bronco on road (many most of the time) and I explained how LS would be a nice option on pavement when in 2H.
  13. Meet Frank! 3-Trim FrankenBronco Build

    Looks great! Having a BD, I love the interior colors/look as my bias says its the best. Wheels look great. The WT black wheel rings with stainless bolts may be my favorite wheel look yet!
  14. Why no limited slip differential option?

    I get Ford probably thinks you can option Advanced 4x4 (4A) and it is thus a version of AWD and better than limited slip on rear axle only. Still, I think it would be nice to have a LS option when in 2H and may hit a surprise slick road surface in rain or snow (LS is made to be always on). I get...
  15. Why are Jeepers so rude to everyone else?

    I'm all for having fun and comradery, but no thanks. https://www.amazon.com/10Pcs-Duck-Plug-LoverIncludes-Black-10PCS/dp/B0CF2M66ZD?th=1
  16. Why are Jeepers so rude to everyone else?

    Well, Wranglers were the only kid on the block for decades. The new kid is often shunned. Also, the Wrangler community in general has this thing about waving to each other as they pass each other on the road and this recent thing of leaving little rubber ducks on the hoods or mirrors of other...
  17. My Baby is Finally Home... After Being Shot at and Crashed

    Happy you are OK. I'd consider this you and your Bronco doing your service to get this criminal off the streets for life as he surely would have killed someone else (if he already had not). Probably thought your wheel cover was the colors of the wrong street gang with his background. Sheesh...
  18. My 'Un-wheelable' Bronco (35"s, 3.73's, no lockers)

    Looks great. Most with lockers won't be doing serious enough to use them, and for those that use lockers, angles and skill without them is impressive. Was not aware of muffler delete. Better departure angle and I don't like the way it looks slung under the body when driving a bit behind a Bronco.
  19. 2023 Bronco DR for sale $500K USD 🤯

    Does not work for me regardless of price...
  20. Long term soft top reviews / feedback?

    The fabric will eventually go. Should get 8 years or more if parked outside. 12 plus if garaged.