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  1. Color matched Bronco letter covers

    I recently did a small diy on my BD Bronco. I bought some black Bronco letter covers on EBay and painted them. Pretty happy how they turned out. Just lightly sanded them, sprayed a plastic bonder, 3 coats of carbonized gray spray paint, and clearcoat. It cost about $35 for everything. Can easily...
  2. Any Black Diamond builds out there that have installed signature lights yet?

    After seeing the standard leds and signature leds up close, Im set on installing a set of the oem signature leds up front. I know it’ll be expensive but I’d like to hear how much wiring or other mods need to be done? I’d love to see pics of them on the stock BD grill. 🤞
  3. North Dakota Audio service recommendations welcome:)

    I’m just curious what you guy/gals use for audio streaming or listening to the radio? Iheart radio? Sirius? Am/FM or other? Any recommendations? I’ve had Sirius xm in both vehicles for years but don’t listen to it much. I’m thinking about cancelling because I don’t like calling them every 6...
  4. Bronco Prayer

    Our Ford who art in Michigan, Hallowed be thy Bronco brandname. Thy reservation done, hopefully soon it will become. In our garage as it isn't in webbin' Give us this day our build is scheduled email, and forgive our deadly sins. Forgive our dealers that have irked us, and our friends from...