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  1. Backup Camera and Android Auto Freezing after 4.2.2 update

    Having several issues after the 4.2.2 update on 9/8. The only other change was Procal tune install last weekend. -Backup Camera turns on and the image freezes for a few seconds before updating (dangerous). - Android Auto seems to be a glitchy mess (Spotify freezes and disappears, lag when...
  2. Washington Sold: (5x) Badlands - Wheels, Tires, TPMS - $1000 OBO

    5x Badlands takeoffs: - BFG T/A KO2 LT285 /70 R17 - 5200 miles on four, 0 miles on spare. Great condition! - Factory mounted/balanced - Wheels + tires + TPMS (no lug nuts) - Accepting reasonable offers. Asking $1500, $1100, $1000 Happy to deliver locally.
  3. 2.7L Exhaust Leak?

    Is this an exhaust leak I should be concerned about? Looks like a pin-hole in the tube before the muffler. Or intentional weep hole?
  4. Slow TPMS Readings?

    I historicaly used the TPMS system to fill and air down with stock wheels/tires. Pressure would update on screen every 1-2 psi and give an adequate live view. After upgrading to the Ford Performance Everglades kit and 315/70r17, the TPMS system is now horrible (jumps 5-6 psi between readings /...
  5. Trail Damage - 2.7 Cross Member

    I beat up my passenger-side 2.7 cross member over the weekend (either from high centering and dragging or falling onto a log faster than I'd like). The lip is curled over and there is a region concaved in. I'm assuming this is still "doing it's job" even though heavily beat up. Thoughts? Is...
  6. 20K Early Res Ford Pass Points

    Apologies if already discussed. I bought my Bronco 2 weeks ago and just received the 42K Ford Pass Points. How long did it take for others to get the 20K early res points? 1. Did you have to beg Ford chat or dealer to take care of that? Or was it automatic? 2. Did you get your $100 deposit...
  7. What are these ditch lights?

    Modding newb here. I was gifted a pair of 3" ditch lights (previous owner didn't like the look on their truck and doesn't remember brand/specs). There are no labels/logo on the lights. 1. Do any lighting experts recognize these lights? 2. Wattage is unknown. So, I plan to route to AUX 1 / 30A...
  8. Rail time to PNW (WA)

    Does anyone have recent stats or experience with the time between build date and rail delivery to the PNW? I've heard a lot about train/delivery driver shortages recently. My wife's Tacoma is also a month late for shipping.
  9. Dogs in back seat or cargo area?

    Curious where everyone has their pets when going on short or long trips. Do you put them in the back seat with protective hammock, etc., or way back in the cargo area?