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  1. Rough Country Muffler Delete sound clip

    Mostly when accelerating or really getting on it. It’s barely more noticeable during steady driving. if you do a lot of start/stop city driving you’ll hear it a lot. If you’re mostly hwy driving, not so much.
  2. Rough Country Muffler Delete sound clip

    I put my RC Muffler Delete kit in this weekend. I've got the 2.7 on my Wildtrak and I was really kind of surprised. It sounded better than I thought it would and isn't so annoyingly loud that my neighbors are going to hate me. The installation is simple, with the only difficult part being...
  3. 2.3 Bronco Engine fire 😭

    Not thousands of failed engines... its more like less than 50 of a portion of engines that were assembled with a bad part in the first run of 2.7 engines, Not 2.3's. And almost all were just failures due to a broken part... not fires. still a bad problem, but not anything like this
  4. My Baby is Finally Home... After Being Shot at and Crashed

    The spare tire cover would have been the very first thing to go back on for me
  5. Any issues with windshield tint?

    I dont see how adding tint could cause any water issue. The only issue to worry about it legality.
  6. Interior Tail Gate Trim Panel Replacement (broken plastic clip)

    I had the same bad luck and came on here for the answer, but it looks like the part is now just over $40. For that price, I may just do the metal one over at RPM...
  7. Finally Back in The Bronco Game

    Thanks. Enjoy the new ride. I get it about the financial move...Luckily I got more from insurance than I paid, but the mileage I had on mine as a daily driver, along with the new price increases killed my chances of getting the Braptor model back. The WT lowered my payment by hundreds...

    Some of us (Like me), didnt take delivery until December 2022... It was a crazy long wait
  9. Finally Back in The Bronco Game

    Well... I'm finally back in a Bronco and couldn't be happier about the decision. As so many others on this site experienced, I reserved my Bronco Outer Banks on Day 1... Then went through the same frustrating waiting game that so many people did. To my surprise, I was "Rewarded" with the...
  10. My totaled Raptor moved to Mexico

    There is. If they just reset FordPass the system from the radio, I’m out. But they still haven’t done that. They weren’t just hard to get. They were unavailable with no ETA for production. It was my local dealer’s body shop that finally got ford on the phone with statefarm to explain the...
  11. MIC Hardtop Soundproofing Insulation

    Thats funny... It looks like my Son's bedroom who wanted the same thing to soundproof his room for his gaming sound system
  12. My totaled Raptor moved to Mexico

    State Farm was not quick to total this one. It took a while and they made the decision only based on the fact that there were no Raptor specific parts available, and none projected since ford was on strike at the time. The actually denied the total twice before they finally granted it. But at...
  13. My totaled Raptor moved to Mexico

    I do still have access and can start, stop, lock, unlock, and honk from the app... but I hesitate to start it and leave it running for safety. Don't want to accidentally poison someone... plus don't know if they just bypassed the hood latch switch or if someone is working on the engine...
  14. My totaled Raptor moved to Mexico

    The Frame was bent, but minor, and could have been repaired. I needed an entire front suspension and some body work. It was about $37K in damages, but mostly only because it was a Braptor. It would not have been totaled if Ford hadnt been on strike and if parts were easily available.
  15. My totaled Raptor moved to Mexico

    No.... A the time there werent many around me that didnt have additional $10k mark-ups so I settled into an F150 Raptor... Now that prices are settling, I am beginning to look at Broncos again.
  16. My totaled Raptor moved to Mexico

    So about 5 months ago, my Braptor got totaled when a driver pulled out in front of me without looking. I never removed it from my FordPass account and could see that it was at a scrap yard a few cities away. recently, I started getting ford pass updates from it and decided to take a look. It...
  17. Who has worst self inflicted damage to their Bronco?

    I guess technically, mine isn't self-inflicted... but I was driving.. Someone pulled out in front of me
  18. Crashed Mine... 45mph T-Bone [Updated w/ Photos]

    I went through the same pain with my Raptor. I still Havent replaced it though. Took a while with insurance and the cost of Raptors has ballooned.
  19. Why do Bronco owners drive so slow?

    I thought the same thing