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  1. Changing color after getting build week?

    Thank you for all the answers. I’ll probably just roll with the Area 51 so I don’t mess with the build date.
  2. Changing color after getting build week?

    I got a build week of July 10th, I was curious if you’re able to change color if you have a build week? I was pretty sure it’s a no, but now that it’s finally happening I started to have some doubts about the Area 51 I had on order. Thanks
  3. No Bronco Scheduling This Week (6/8/23)

    I’ve had a 2 door black diamond on order since ‘21 and reading all the “I ordered back in march and have a build date” is kind of pissing me off a bit
  4. Found This Gem on my Dealer's Website ...

    This targeted marketing is really spot on.
  5. 📬 6/1/23 Scheduling Emails Now Arriving

    Ordered December 2021 and got my scheduling today! 520 days Never thought I would see the day… let’s see how I can talk my wife into it after I gave up on it and did a lease on a frontier pro-4x
  6. Current Interest Rates?

    Assuming you’re smarter than some randoms on the internet and then throwing elementary level insults around. We are laughing at you
  7. Current Interest Rates?

    You’re in a bronco forum lecturing people about what are important things to spend their own damn money on… You sound so stupid
  8. Everglades trim discontinued. No longer on the B&P page.

    except for the marine grade vinyl, powder coated bumper, rear locking differential, bash plates, different wheels and tires, in addition to the washout floors you mentioned. but yes
  9. Just got back from my dealer No 2 door orders

    I’ve been waiting for a 2 door for 2 years with no end in sight. Best bet is to talk a dealership into letting one go at MSRP or close to it.
  10. Feds to up Interest Rates

    how many people afford cars off the lot in cash vs finance, whether it’s a cheap ass Sentra or a bronco raptor… why do you think every single car company has a financing department on site lol people act as if financing a car is a foreign object to them. I don’t struggle to afford the vehicles...
  11. Feds to up Interest Rates

    1. I wasn’t referring to me, I was just saying in general. I have a stable job and have everything I need but I don’t go on the internet flaunting it. 2. I wasn’t even referring to a bronco, that’s any new car that someone finances. “If you can’t afford it in cash right now like me you can’t...
  12. Feds to up Interest Rates

    Someone with a house worth over 2 million dollars, bragging about it and telling people that live paycheck to paycheck, that borrowing money for the necessities of life like a car and a house is bad thing. Not everyone is as lucky as you are, obviously you’ve gotten too out of touch with reality...
  13. Pretty Sure the Dealer Stole my Warranty Money

    Worst comes to worst you can go down directly and get a full refund. I just did that with another ford vehicle honestly, I would recommend this, you can find ford dealerships that will sell you ESP at cost. It’s like $2200 bucks if I’m not mistaken. I can look for the links if you need help with it
  14. Retail Broncos Are Scheduling This Week 3/2/23 (No Scheduling: Everglades, Base, Manual Transmission Until Q3)

    I’m 2 weeks in, no complaints other than a clanking noise coming from the side steps around corners. Sounds like it needs a rubber washer between the body and the hanger. Everything else is nice, I’ve never had a truck before so it’s been a good experience, so far. Rides smooth, plenty of power...
  15. Retail Broncos Are Scheduling This Week 3/2/23 (No Scheduling: Everglades, Base, Manual Transmission Until Q3)

    I still have my order in, but I started to lose hope I would ever get scheduled. Ended up leasing a Frontier Pro-4x for stupid cheap. My order is with Kearny Mesa and I just don’t think they have enough allocation for all their orders. Oh well, I’ll reassess my options in 18 months.
  16. Well, I jumped in..

    Congrats! There are definitely MSRP deals right now if you look around and are patient
  17. Dealership Inventory Search- Nationwide

    https://www.cargurus.com/Cars/new/searchresults.action?sourceContext=homePageNewCarTab_false_0&selectedEntity=d320&zip=92234#listing=347664557/NONE My finder’s fee is only $5,000. Zelle payment is fine
  18. 📬 Scheduling Emails Received 1/26/23 !! 🙌 Don't lose hope Bronco'ers

    Sounds like you’re giving ford the benefit of the doubt which they haven’t earned at all throughout this process. More people are posting about their build dates all of a sudden, In fact I haven’t seen this many people get a build date since I started looking at this forum before broncos were...
  19. Azure Gray AGM Heritage Edition Bronco Spotted

    I learned the hard way. I had it on a bronco sport and the door had some damage from a Valet sign that tipped over. They had to paint damn near half the car to blend the tri coat