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  1. New hard top manufacturer?

    I was checking on the ADV thread and on the last page Chase has a video on his Raptor and it has a different Ford top. It looks like a Jeep top from inside. Has Ford changed manufactures?
  2. Build your Bronco now to compare costs

    I ordered my Base Bronco in 21 with, Sas, modular bumper, Aux switches, roof rack, 2.7 and hard top and paid $47805. I had to go up to a Black Diamond to get the 2.7, after building it up to compare to my original build the price now is $59,000! It came with a 12" screen, vinyl seats which we...
  3. Is Ford Extended Warranty worth it?

    I'm thinking about getting an extended Ford factory warranty but I had a really bad experience with my Jeep factory warranty. For those of you that have had the Ford warranty was it worth it? Thanks
  4. Extended Warranty - opinions?

    I'm considering getting an extended warranty but, I've had a really bad experience when I tried to use my Jeep factory extended warranty. I ended up having to get a lawyer and finally got them to refund my money. For those of you that have a warranty through Ford what is you opinion? Thanks
  5. Happy Veterans Day

    Happy Veterans day to all those who chose to serve! God bless everyone of you. T2T is amazing they just opened an old hotel that had been renovated for homeless vets. Their goal is to get every vet back on their feet. USMC 74-76 Oohrah!
  6. Auto Start Stop eliminator

    When I was at Bronco Super Cell in Colorado, I found out there was a ASS eliminator on Amazon. I purchased it for $44.99 and have had it installed for several months and it works great. It's an easy install as well.
  7. Texas Badlands factory rock sliders

    I bought some step rock sliders so my mom could get into the Bronco easier so the factory sliders are for sale. If you have the factory steps you should be able to install these easily, if not you'll need to purchase the brackets from Z Road Z. The part number is Z745401-4bk they cost $148.50. I...
  8. Excited for Super Celebration West... who's going?

    Just signed up today to attend the Super Celebration in Buena Vista Colorado. Looking forward to some awesome trail runs, beautiful scenery, great food and lots of fun! I've been to Ouray and ran all the trails around there so I'm looking forward to new trails I haven't been on. I'm traveling...
  9. Drivers top panel won't come off

    I have a 23 Bronco 4 door and I have to hit the drivers side panel with the palm of my hand very hard to get the panel off. It looks to me like the metal bracket that the bolt from the top rests in, is slightly slanted, I assume that it needs to be leveled. Anybody have this issue? I tried...
  10. Current pricing comparison

    So just checking to see how much my Bronco would cost me now. I have a base with Sas, hard top, roof rack, Aux switches and 2.7. I ordered mine in January 18 22 and received it on Jan 18 23 and paid $47805. I just priced it out and it's now $52445. That's $4800 more wow! The good news is mine is...
  11. Low power from a dead stop

    I’ve got a little over 9000 miles on my 2.7 Bronco and just noticed that when I floor it from a dead stop it accelerates very slowly till it gets about 15 then it seems to get full throttle, I tried turning off the traction control, tried sport with both 2h and 4a and nothing makes a difference...
  12. Iphone compatible front camera?

    Since I have a base, I've been looking at how I can install a front camera. The Naviks solution requires you to tear apart your entire dash so I bypassed that. I'm looking at using my Iphone as the screen but most ratings on Amazon are terrible. Does anybody have a cost effective solution? Thanks
  13. Remote forscan programming.

    I’ve tried searching but can’t find the name of the company that can do remote forscan programming that I read about on this forum. Thanks for the help.
  14. Texas Ford OEM 4 door gas tank skid

    Factory gas tank skid plate for a 4 door Bronco. I ordered an aftermarket one before I got my Bronco. My dealership gave me a brand new one that had never been installed with the factory hardware. It is extremely heavy and well made. $100 local pickup only Houston area, I'm north of The...
  15. Texas LOD Destroyer Jerry Can holders and Trail Rack

    I'm selling my Jeep JK with an LOD Destroyer rear bumper. I have the Jerry Can holders and the Trail Rack which LOD says fits the Bronco Destroyer bumper. The Trail Rack is $339 new I would sell it for $ 250. The Jerry Can holders are $159 each so $318 for both I would sale them for $225. I'm...
  16. Remote Start a Base Bronco with FordPass app?

    Can any Base owners confirm that you can remote start your base with the Ford app?
  17. Skids plates

    So my Base manquatch is coming in the next couple of months and I've already picked up Ford rock sliders from a forum member. I ordered the mod bumper so I'll have the front bash skid and the engine skid. I'm looking at JCR and Asfir for the Aluminum gas tank, transmission and transfer case...
  18. Base Bronco flooring material?

    I finally got my email that my Base Manquatch is being built the week of 12-19. I'm excited and have spent a lot of time looking at interior items to make it a bit more practical and dress it up some as well. I don't know what kind of flooring the base comes with. I'm looking at getting rubber...