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  1. Trailrax Real World Reviews?

    Any real world reviews / DIY's on the forums on the Trailrax TRMR and Paxrax kit? They look great, but id like to see a review or feedback from someone other than them or any "ambassadors"
  2. Tailgate Accessories

    Anyone put any accessories on their tailgate yet? I know the raptor has the (4) accessory ready bolts. Curious as to what we can use these for. Thinking of Rotopax or jerry can holders (water/gas). Is anything on the market for us yet?
  3. New Rims - Same Tires?

    How much are you guys (esp for 35's) paying to swap your tires on new rims? Looking to swap the rims on my raptor and never dealt with anything this large (37's). I'm assuming I can't just go to any tire shop and should be going to a 4x4 shop to swap right?
  4. Ford Oil Change Cost

    just got my braptor. Question for you guys, for those of you servicing your bronco at Ford, how much are they charging? Saw a post on FB with people saying dealer charges $90. i think my dealer quoted $210.
  5. MSRP Raptor Folks.. Need your help

    UPDATE: Dealership made well and sold to me for MSRP with no adds or increase in fees etc. appreciate your guys’ help! Still on cloud 9, and can’t believe it’s home after waiting 2 years, 2 months and 15 days … Sorry for the multiple posts in threads. Need some help from you folks who got...
  6. Bronco Raptor Fuel Octane

    Checked the tech specs of the Braptor and it shows it takes just regular. I thought the 2.7 was rated for more HP if you use premium? What are you guys using for the braptor? is 91 or 93 needed?
  7. Braptor Tail Lights swap install?

    Do you think the tail-lights of the Braptor will be swapable with the regulat bronco? I know that the BLIDS is mounted to the taillight itself, but on a badlands or wildtrak for example, where is the BLIDS mounted? I think Bronco signature tails are so much classier.
  8. Town & Country - Braptor Video

    Any of you see this yet. New vid from town and country. Get a decent idea for the exhaust, even though its not under load.
  9. Bronco Raptor Factory Tire Size?

    What size tire does the braptor come with? I know press release said 37x12.5 on 17s, but trying to see how it comes compared to the SAS. SAS is 315/70/R17. Is the Braptor 315/80/R17?
  10. Upgraded Leather Dash Pad

    Anyone ever find out more insight on the upgraded leather dash pad? Do we know if this is exclusive to the Leather Upgrade? I know in the B&P it did not specify it. I am hoping and betting that the upgraded dash pad is actually vinyl. The fact the even with MGV and the seats still being...
  11. Raptor Tow Package ?

    Did we ever get confirmation on the tow package for the raptor? Is it automatically included? I know it isn't an option on the build and price
  12. Rain: New Hampshire Off-Rodeo 10/30/21

    Any one here scheduled for the off-rodeo in New Hampshire this Saturday 10/30? I am and I'm kind of pissed / nervous about the weather. It looks like it's going to be raining literally all day. Does anyone have any experience with rain and the off-rodeo? I was really looking forward to the...
  13. Bronco Events Tri-State

    Any upcoming Bronco Events in the Tri-State? How do we know whats coming up and how do we sign up?
  14. NJ Dealers

    Any recommendations to good NJ dealers, or anyone around (PA, NY)?
  15. Resale Value

    Wanted your guys' thoughts on how you think the Bronco will do with resale/depreciation value. I'm not sure what it is that makes the Jeep so good with depreciation. Do you think the Bronco will follow suit? Is it an off-roader / truck thing? I typically don't like to buy brand brand new, as...
  16. Spare Tire on tailgate standard or an option?

    Do all bronco's come with a spare tire on the tailgate? Or is that an additional/option?