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  1. Retro badge with red square

    Anyone know who makes this badge? I think it would be cool if instead of the red it was the color of the model trim (orange, blue etc.)
  2. Post your build! Images and specs only

    Post your build and please nothing else. I think it would be great to see everyones builds without having to read through 1000 comments. (A guy can dream) Let's make this a build post only. No replies, no comments, no GIFs and no complaining. Just a thread that we can see what everyone is...
  3. Spiders if I always leave the top off?

    Anyone that has owned a jeep and kept the top off ever deal with spiders or other bugs making homes in their vehicle? I've had spiders crawl on me just after leaving a window open overnight. Is it a concern with the top always off? or, am I just a giant baby?