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  1. 7th Gen 2030 Bronco Coming End of 2029, Together With Electric Bronco EV (TE1 Platform)

    I agree with both sides of the discussion that technology is constantly evolving. The one topic no one is really talking about is that it's thrown in our face all the time about "foreign oil" we rely on. The US does not need to rely on foreign oil (we just choose to use foreign oil). What...
  2. Early peek @ ROBINS EGG BLUE 2023 Bronco Color, Heritage Edition w/ Squared Flares and Painted MOD Hard Top!

    I'm also in the Brittany blue camp. Kinda biased since my ride is BB. (I know it's not a Bronco... still waiting for mine). On a side note.. the grill better have FORD lettering and not BRONCO!!!!
  3. Beautiful Custom Painted Bronco Build

    The best I've seen to date. I'd build the same thing to a T!!! Hope you don't mind seeing one just like it show up in the future!!! Well done.
  4. 📈 Bronco March 2022 Sales: 9,757 Sold / 14,953 Produced

    I think about the sales dollars that ford is making. Just some simple math at 9700 broncos that's well into 400 million dollars in sales for 1 month if those sales #'s are correct. If they clear say 5k per bronco in profit, that's 50 million. Not a bad month in anyone's standards.
  5. New ADV Ram Air Hood freshly painted & installed

    If you are asking about my Ranchero, yes it's a fully functional hood scoop.
  6. New ADV Ram Air Hood freshly painted & installed

    That's funny!!! I was thinking that same thing. It looks like my Fairlane Ranchero with the 390FE with that hood scoop. I don't have a problem showing what's under my hood!!!!
  7. HUGE POWER! Whipple Stage 1 Kit for 2.7 Bronco Dyno Runs/Review! (+70 RWHP / 110 RWTQ)

    It's just funny to me that you have to do all of the mods to make about the same hp and tq you get out of a factory f150 2.7 with no mods. I know it's a "different" motor than the f150 motor but it's strange either way.
  8. Bronco Raptor Reveal Monday 1/24 @ 6AM EST!

    Why??? It's a ford and It should have Ford on the grill just as all the Broncos and all Ford vehicles have done for over 100 years. Don't know why they decided to use Bronco on the grill.

    Love the rigs!!! That's also a bad ass garage setup. Still don't understand why they put Bronco on the grill instead of Ford. Everyone knows it's a Bronco, stay with what you have been doing for over 100 years and keep the Ford on the grill!!!
  10. The reason Bronco “Raptor” won out over "Warthog"

    Ahh is right..... Couldn't agree more!!! Why they put Bronco on the grill instead of Ford is baffling to me. The Bronco always had Ford on the grill or on the hood like all their vehicles did and still do to this day.
  11. Is a 2022 Brittany Blue Bronco coming?

    I'm kinda partial to the B Blue. Your right, the color is from 1967... I like my B Blue 1967, not a Bronco but all ford!!!!
  12. AMB OBX SAS on 1" Zone Level Kit, 35" K02 Tires, SCS Ray 10 Wheels

    Can't imagine why Ford would discontinue the AMB. That's a sharp looking rig.
  13. White painted MIC top on Oxford White Wildtrak Bronco

    One day, it would be nice to see the antimatter blue with that white top.
  14. 2.3L Big Bend MPG after 784 miles: 20-25 MPG

    I have a 2016 f150 2.7 with almost 50k miles and normal driving in town is 17-19 mpg. Highway I'm over 22-24. This is true tracked mileage and not the fuel guesstimator in the truck. Obviously pulling a trackhoe not so good!!!! More like 9 mpg. The Bronco should easily get similar numbers.
  15. My Bronco arrived today!

    Well said!!! Change out the water pump and you might just have to pull the whole front end off!!! This is what an engine bay is supposed to look like!!!
  16. My Bronco arrived today!

    Congrats!!! That thing is a beast. I must say that after all the planning and R&D for this Bronco, I still can't believe how that engine bay looks. I can't imagine being a mechanic having to work on it with all those wires and hoses everywhere. It kinda looks like the Star Trek Borg cube ship.
  17. Ford Maverick Pickup Revealed! Standard Hybrid, 40MPG City, Under $20k Starting Price!

    Don't disagree!!! Except I think the Ranger is like the Tacoma. The front ends are too close to the same shape.
  18. Ford Maverick Pickup Revealed! Standard Hybrid, 40MPG City, Under $20k Starting Price!

    I would have to say that a least it somewhat resembles a Ford pickup. The Ranger looks like a Toyota Tacoma. I think more people would buy this over the Ranger. If you need more power and size, might as well step up to the F150. Here is a ranger next to my F150. Not that much different in size.
  19. 📷 2021 4-Door Outer Banks Bronco hanging out with 1995 Bronco

    What everyone is forgetting is that the Gen 6 bronco is molded after the OG broncos that were smaller. The 90s broncos where based on a F150 frame/chassis. The BRONCO II was based on the ranger frame/chassis. Glad they brought this style back!!!!
  20. Bronco Sasquatch 2-Door vs Ranger FX4 size comparison pic from Levine

    The ranger next to my F-150. That Bronco is going to be a surprise to some on the size!!!