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  1. California Sasquatch Bilstein Take Offs $500

    How much for the flip flops? I'm kidding, good luck with the sale.
  2. Change Driveline Fluids Early!

    Please report back... hopefully all 3 are full and clean!
  3. Double honk when exiting with the key

    One wire? Please elaborate. TIA
  4. Replacement Halogen Brake Lights?

    If anyone has a link to red led replacement brake/turn bulbs with built in resistors that don't hyperflash on the dash, please let me know. Thanks in advance!
  5. Rear Light Bracket options?

    Check these out... they use the bolts you're talking about, are stainless steel with powdercoat, and can mount 2 different ways. https://swarfworks.com/bronco-reverse-dust-light-bracket/
  6. Texas WTB Single Cross Bar for OEM Rack

    Here are two options depending on what you're looking for. The amazon rabbit hole may have more options with different materials/prices...

    Thanks Zach and Maria! I emailed Maria... got a response in under 24 hours. Sent me the contract at cost which was much less than what was posted at Flood (same length/miles/coverage and deductible without any extras). Showed up in my app 24 hours later. I didn't finance. Very satisfied with...
  8. Rusted out Westin HDX side steps

    Unless you've wheeled on the beach every day since you got it and have never washed it, 2 years is way too fast to look that bad. I hope Westin does the right thing for you here. If they don't, I recommend wire brush, rust stop primer and bedliner.
  9. Superchips Calibration Tools 20% Off MSRP

    I'm checking in to see if the flashcal was updated to disable auto start stop in the 2023 model year? Thanks in advance for your help.
  10. Delaware IAG Mirror Caps w/Halo, amber signal, & Puddle Lights

    2 quick things.... 1 - I notice you have the big bend.... Do the puddle lights and turn signal lights work with models that didn't originally come with puddle lights? 2 - nice socks.
  11. 2.7L New engine noise

    WOW your 2.7 is quiet! (Except for that noise you're referring to). I'm not sure if my 2.7 makes that noise because of all the other noises. Been screaming at me since mile 1.
  12. Stumbled across Soft Top Cross Bars...

    Not sure I trust it, but I saw 300lbs capacity somewhere.
  13. Bronco NO LEATHER... is it possible?

    Off-putting and unhelpful? Assuming something (they are vegan or allergic) is worse than someone innocently asking why. Maybe he's asking why to determine if they are vegan or allergic or something else without assuming anything.... then you get triggered and snap back about him getting...
  14. Tail light bulb replacement

    I am going to replace my halogen with led, but waiting until it gets warmer for the same reason. It's ridiculous that you can remove the doors, roof, body panels easier than replacing a tail bulb. Good luck.
  15. Can anyone point me in the direction of some low-profile ditch lights?

    How hard is it to install the puddle lights?
  16. New York Swap top

    Do you have a soft top or a hard top?
  17. Any Mets fans here?

    I root for the Mets.... unless they're playing the Yankees. As a Yankee fan, this makes me giggle. As an almost Mets fan, I'm sad for actual Mets fans.... again.
  18. Superchips Calibration Tools 20% Off MSRP

    Has the flashcal been updated to allow the owners of 2023 models to disable Auto Start Stop (ASS)? I've been holding out since learning the original flashcal could not, but would be updated. Thanks in advance for your help.
  19. Updated:Fog lights added and connected to factory connector

    Are you happy with the light output of your hella 2.7 cube lights?
  20. Quote from Levittown for bash plate

    I think that decimal point is one spot off. IIRC those bash plates are closer to $700