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  1. Aftermarket Rear Bumpers

    Anyone have the Turn Offroad rear bumper (not the tube one) that can give me a review? I'm trying to keep it under a grand for the rear bumper but I also want some light back there. I just want something that fits my truck and has a bit of a step for the dogs to hop in. This is the one place I...
  2. Aux Upfitter Overhead Switches installed! - DIY writeup instructions & photos

    I know they did mine for 1700-ish for parts and labor. I am not a fan of this dealership anymore but think they are probably around standard. I regret doing it this way and wasted a LOT of money when I compare it to similar products. I have maxed the switches, still have things I want to add...
  3. Help!!! Kings made my steering wonky.

    I have done enough of this nonsense to say that you need a second set of paid eyes to give this a look. Time is money but I've sunk FAR too much into fixing a problem that wasn't even the right problem in the first place just because I couldn't see outside of my install to identify the (very...
  4. Infotainment 8" to 12" upgrade completed.

    I have a basesquatch v6 that I got for under 40k new. I’m that unicorn. I’m dying to do this. The 12 inch is much, much snappier, runs newer software and hardware to make it much more fun to work with (and why it’s such a pain to upgrade to) and I’m thinking it’s time to just do it. 2k I’d be a...
  5. 📸 2025 4Runner Leaked: New Competition Revealed

    Toyota said very plainly that's the goal. One platform. www.reddit.com/r/4Runner/comments/119xi07/2025_6th_gen_4runner/
  6. 📸 2025 4Runner Leaked: New Competition Revealed

    I prefer the new land cruiser but I'll end up with one of these in 25. Great looking little suv. 33s and 2.5 inch coilovers sold me. I don't keep a car long enough for the warranty to run out so engine issues aren't a big concern.
  7. GEARSHADE: Custom Made 8" Subwoofer Enclosure 2-DOOR Version!!

    I have this in my 4 door. It has tremendous air leak issues. I have NO explanation if it is a one off scenario or if there is something wrong with the construction process but I can no longer recommend this box. I have done a TON of work, months, honestly, working on my stereo. I am looking...
  8. roof light bar noise

    My A pillar lights make noise at high enough speeds. @Baja Designs said they were aware - mind you that's at 90+mph. It's pretty annoying but whatever. I prefer the lighting and can deal with the noise as long as I am not driving super long distance at high speeds.
  9. Amplifying the JBL soundbar

    They're not putting small 6.5 woofers in there, they're using full range speakers. Really different things. They're better off going for a sub in the back depending on model year - factory spot or tailgate if necessary.
  10. Amplifying the JBL soundbar

    Save your money on those kick panels. It is the biggest sunk cost in the bronco's sound staging. Do you have the factory sub? If not, go tailgate sub or build something custom for the factory sub spot. If you do, time to upgrade.
  11. Installing the Perimeter Alarm Plus — DIY How-To Writeup

    I broke the hell out of mine. It still closes fine and stops at some point that it doesn't spill all over, so whatever.
  12. Will JL Audio XD700/5v2 fit in the 2023 ford bronco subwoofer enclosure ?

    I put it against the back side behind the wheel well almost against the 'wall' where the tailgate opens. there is a cubby like space in there. Had to do some fab to secure it and run the wires nicely. It's a VERY tight fit and I would look for an alternate place if I did it again but I was...
  13. 2021+ Bronco ForScan Thread

    Do I need forscan to stop the dinging from coming through my speakers when I get in and out of the car or start it? It is SO loud on my stereo it's driving me bonkers. Any idea?
  14. Hello from North Texas..

    Hey! Denton here. Glad to have you. Message me if you ever want to go get your bronco dirty.
  15. Will JL Audio XD700/5v2 fit in the 2023 ford bronco subwoofer enclosure ?

    No. Not at all. I have it in my 4 door. I had to put it on the driver's side under the panel. If I had a tow package it wouldn't have fit, but it worked fine, albeit super, super tight. What are you running for a sub for that 5 channel, a tailgate sub?
  16. Cheap interior, build quality for $70k

    My new tacoma is 49k out the door with the features we want and we compromised a bit. It's more than I want to pay, but we need a new car and I wanted a bed, so I had to suck it up. I don't know what or how people are justifying some of these prices.
  17. Cheap interior, build quality for $70k

    Which is totally insane to me. They started with a base 2 door at 29,5 but demand drove that price through the sky. 4 door was like 32 or something. I know my base v6 sasquatch 4 door was under 42 out the door or really, really close. I would be entirely priced out at today's numbers.
  18. Cheap interior, build quality for $70k

    This is the crux of EVERY car purchase - you bought the base model but they add stuff - base GX is insane; luxurious with lovely build materials and then they bolt on off road goodies. Bronco is bare bones off roader with luxury features pasted on top. You rarely get it both ways. I'm sure...
  19. Hertz 4 inch speaker review

    PAINFULLY bright. I have slatefibers and they were a nightmare to tune. Silk tweeters for everything from now on. I learned the hard way.