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  1. Carvana? Seriously More like Crack-Vana

    Is this Carvana?
  2. New York Sold: 2023 2Dr OBX High Pkg on 35’s

    Just got it, but life has since changed! 2023 OBX High Pkg with leather, roof rack, all weather floor mats- 1293 miles, 35” K02’s on Method 702’s- had the front windows tinted; we have a 1” leveling kit that has not been installed yet. Asking $53,900 OBO Text with any questions 607-423-6789
  3. What’s your most annoying feature on the Bronco?

    Took my 2Dr on the highway for the first time last night… somehow it’s WAY louder than my soft top?!? And with high pkg “extra sound deadening” (yeah, right). This is the first time I have regretted getting rid of my 4Dr.
  4. Bronco Team 2 door.

    I didn't want to keep the OBX badges, and I didn't want to do the Bronco script again... so I went this route. They're on the small side, but I am pretty happy- I think they're a good alternative!
  5. Bronco Team 2 door.

    Took delivery last week- so happy to be a part of Team 2 Door now! She's the Bronco I wanted from the start, and even though I really did love my 4 Door, I wasn't sad when I said goodbye✌
  6. MY23 OBX Leather “No Charge”?

    I took delivery of my Bronco last week- and as my dealer told me to expect, I paid what was listed on my window sticker (which showed leather as an additional cost). Only slightly less $ than if I were to build it online today.
  7. 35’s Without A Lift?

    Thank you to everyone for your responses- I truly appreciate it! I have been driving for a few days without a lift and no issues, but we've decided to just do a leveling kit on the front sometime soon.
  8. ERUPTION GREEN Bronco Club

    She’s finally home! And lucky for us, the guy who bought our old one didn’t want our wheels/tires 😎 One thing I have noticed is a small scuff on the hardtop- nothing seems to camouflage it, any suggestions?
  9. New York Bronco Order Delivery Time

    I am 3 hours outside of NYC - my Bronco was built 05/17, shipped via convoy, and was delivered yesterday (05/24).
  10. 5/15/2023 Build Week

    My tracker was updated to shipped this morning- then two hours later my dealer called to tell me it was delivered (I’m in CNY). I’m not picking it up for a couple days but I had to stop and visit!
  11. 5/15/2023 Build Week

    My tracker was updated today... but not in the right direction- Anybody else?
  12. MY23 OBX Leather “No Charge”?

    You are absolutely right. I just had a weird thing happen on Saturday when my dealer pulled a price sheet that was 2k less than my original order. He clarified this morning that it was purely bad timing.
  13. 5/15/2023 Build Week

    Regarding the "no charge" for leather I posted about on Saturday: Just got a call from my dealer - you guys are correct! He said now that leather is "no charge", the base price has increased- so if I sat down and ordered the same build today that I did in March, it would be 51k as opposed to...
  14. MY23 OBX Leather “No Charge”?

    Just got a call from my dealer - you guys are correct. He said now that leather is "no charge", the base price has increased- so if I sat down and ordered the same build today that I did in March, it would be 51k as opposed to 49k (my agreed upon amount). I told him that the 47k price he gave me...
  15. MY23 OBX Leather “No Charge”?

    Love this. I can't do a whole lot of beach driving in Upstate NY :) but I am definitely looking forward to my OBX. Whether my dealer decides to remove the leather charge is yet to be seen, Ford customer service told me that even though the black / roast is now standard- it will be up to my...
  16. 5/15/2023 Build Week

    Built 5/17, awaiting shipment.
  17. 35’s Without A Lift?

    Wondering if anyone has done this; I looked for other convos but couldn’t find much (please share if you know of one I missed). I am not saying this is something I am planning on doing long-term, but my dealer doesn’t want the wheels and tires I have on the Big Bend I am trading. He has...
  18. 5/15/2023 Build Week

    I agree, but I suppose Ford’s shady business practices shouldn’t come as a surprise to any of us at this point. Other than maybe streamlining production, I can’t speak as to why this decision was made- my dealer couldn’t either. After he printed the order with the lower price this morning (we...
  19. 5/15/2023 Build Week

    Spoke about this at length with my dealer this morning- Ford made the decision to make leather the standard option on the OBX just recently. The same order that was created for me on 3/27 was entered and printed this morning- with MSRP coming in at $2195 less than what we agreed upon in March...
  20. Trade in values

    I am waiting for my 2nd Bronco and brought my ‘22 Big Bend 4Dr to the dealer for an estimate. It’s mint, 7k miles, lots of upgrades (though I know dealers don’t necessarily care) - they’ll give me 40k and not a dime more. I paid 40, so I guess I shouldn’t be super disappointed 🤷🏼‍♀️