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  1. Recent Resale Value

    Then there is this thing called "the economy" and "interest rates". Lots of folks can't take that 20% hit inflation provided in the last few years, and the higher-than-usual financing costs now. Fewer buyers in the mix... means more cars on the lots, and lower price for a new car. Lower...
  2. Getting nervous about 2.7 Engine failures issues

    If you're all worried go down to your dealer and get an extended warranty. I've got a 2.7/auto... and love it! I also did get an extended warranty just because. Sure you're not one of the Toyota trolls? You don't actually sound like you own a Bronco.
  3. Debating on 2.3 vs 2.7 engine?

    I ordered a 2 Dr 2.7, but took a Ranger out with a 2.3 and tried to change my order because the Ranger with 4 cyl/auto was plenty good enough. I also think the 2.3 under-the-hood looks better (not so cluttered and probably easier to work on), and there is one less turbo to break down. However...
  4. MPG-what am I doing wrong?

    I can get 22 pretty much all the time on the highway. 2Dr/V6/Auto/3.73 Base with OBX tires/rims on it. That's after I do the "bigger tire" calculation from the original 16s. That's at between 65-70. I can eek out 24 if I go 60-65. Questions: 1. What is your air pressure in the tires? 2...
  5. MPG-what am I doing wrong?

    Well, I"ve got a 2022 Base 2Dr with OBX tires -- V6 / auto / 3.73. I get a computed 22-24 on the highway at about 70. Did you use Forscan to change your odometer for the tires (32.7 vs 32.1) or did this computation (32.7/32.1* MPG(15.8)) to give real MPG (16). Still... I would think you'd...
  6. What on earth is an E-commerce fee?

    It is simply ADM, and in my estimation (after looking it up)... it only applies to online orders. I would therefore say... "thanks but no thanks", go to a different dealer (or maybe the same one after you have officially killed this "eCommerce" bull, and order it in-person. However, I would...
  7. Battery Issues

    If I don't run mine much for a week I'll put a smart-charger on it until I get the battery 100% charged. When I close the hood after the charge... it always makes a click or two.... always!!! I assume that is just R2D2 telling me -- "thanks for the meal -- I'm full"
  8. how does 2-door Bronco handle high winds?

    I drive a 2Dr Base with OBX tires/rims (V6/auto). I drive in Northern CA. There is a 10 mile stretch between Davis and Sac where you are basically on a bridge for a 10 mile stretch (called the CauseWay -- don't ask me why). It is an open stretch where southern exposure is at least 1 mile...
  9. Cracked on the lot.

    Thanks for the pictures. This will definitely cause me to do inspections from time-to-time (and what to look for). In see you are in AZ from your postings. Do you think the extreme heat might have anything to do with it? What temps have you experienced with your Bronco? Any correlations to...
  10. Bronco Automatic Horn Honk

    Well, it was about a 50 mile drive. I guess I'll do as suggested (take picture) if the problem happens again and is registered by the Ford App. Maybe I'll play around a little later... trying to manually lift top while it is sitting (on and off). Such fun!
  11. Cracked on the lot.

    Well -- I think you're making a couple of assumptions about the forum and what the group-think is... but everybody is entitled to their own opinion.
  12. Bronco Automatic Horn Honk

    Well, so far it is still a mystery. I happened Saturday, and no message on the Ford App (although like you said it may have been deleted).
  13. Bronco Automatic Horn Honk

    Even though I was a software engineer... I'm kind of a knuckle-dragger when it comes to the Ford App. Just checked it though... no issues.
  14. Bronco Automatic Horn Honk

    Wouldn't the hood switch be covered under warranty?
  15. Bronco Automatic Horn Honk

    Shouldn't be the FOB... cause it was in my gym bag (unless it was having a panic attack being around those clothes). I guess it could be the FOB misfiring though. If it happens again I'll swap with a different FOB. I'll check the hood bumpers, and then see. But then again in regard to the...
  16. Bronco Automatic Horn Honk

    Something that's happened to me 3 or 4 times now... My 2Dr Base V6/Auto is just sitting there with the engine off (aka parked)... and the horn starts honking. Last time it took me a while to find my FOB... and it stopped on its own. Obviously not a big deal -- but has anyone else experienced...
  17. Road/Wind Noise - 2 Door vs 4 Door

    I know what would probably happen if I used an exacto knife like the guy in the video did... I'd have two problems (1. How do I get a big scratch out of the HT. 2. How do I cut this stuff now). Good job, and steady hand!
  18. 2 door hardtop wind noise

    Well, I have to say that even without putting a seal in on the passenger side... my Bronco 2Dr is quieter than my wife's 2016 Forester. So I guess its all relative.
  19. Cracked on the lot.

    Ford should have gone to the same mfg that Jeep has. I never had any problem with either of my 2 Jeeps. But then -- I've yet to have Bronco HT problems. Maybe I got a good late-in-the-year and not a Monday or Friday top.
  20. Cracked on the lot.

    Makes me want to go out and check mine again. Been probably six months since I've given late 2022 a go-over. So good so far. In regard to car dealers.... THEY"RE CAR DEALERS... (and I even had a decent one).