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  1. Ford Bronco DR Test Drive! This thing is INSANE! - Gabby Downing

    $200k would be a bargain. The last few that have transacted sold for more than double that.
  2. Win a free SFR Sledgehammer Series Rear bumper!

    They have runs off all levels. I'm really not the best one to ask though. Here's the event site. https://prospectors4x4crawl2024.godaddysites.com/
  3. Win a free SFR Sledgehammer Series Rear bumper!

    The Bakersfield Trailblazers are holding their annual Prospector's Crawl in less than 2 weeks and one of the big raffle prizes is our rear bumper for the 6G Bronco! If you're in the SoCal area it's a great opportunity to come out, support a great club that works hard to keep land open for...
  4. Katzkin (Salsa Red / Dark Graphite) matched to Race Red Wildtrak

    Yours looks like almost the exact mirror of our Race Red Badlands.
  5. Valley of the Moon with SDBroncos and Trail Militia

    I'm hoping it's not another year before we get out there again. It was a really fun trail with some decent challenges for the new drivers, but nothing big enough to cause serious damage. I don't think anyone hurt anything. This was the first time I did the trail so I'm not super familiar with...
  6. Electronic Sway Bar disconnect on a NON-Badlands

    Holy moly, talk about a score and a half! They clearly didn't know what they were selling!
  7. Valley of the Moon with SDBroncos and Trail Militia

    The run was organized by local group members. We came along for the fun just like everyone else.
  8. Valley of the Moon with SDBroncos and Trail Militia

    We joined the Trail Militia crew for a fun day on the trail along with a bunch of people from the SDBroncos group last weekend. We had drivers of all skill levels, and vehicles of varying levels of build as well, but thanks to some great spotting from our trail leader everyone made it to camp...
  9. 74Weld Bronco Portals now available!

    Like i said, it depends on the class size. Last time i raced it was several thousand. No idea what it was this year. We honestly never really paid any attention to the payout since it would barely make a dent in the race budget. By the time you pay the entry fee, tracker rental, tech fees, tent...
  10. 74Weld Bronco Portals now available!

    That depends on how many people enter, and what contingency programs you qualify for. This year Ford put up $50k for the winner in 4600 if they were running a Ford. The actual purse would be a lot lower though.
  11. 74Weld Bronco Portals now available!

    $2000 barely covers your entry fee at KOH. The competitors take it plenty seriously, it's Ultra4 who doesn't pay much attention to the class.
  12. 74Weld Bronco Portals now available!

    They used to do a post race for the top 3, but not sure if they still do or not, or even how hard they ever looked at those vehicles. Even then you still have the limitations of the inspectors knowledge of the specific vehicle. The reality is Ultra 4 has never really had a desire to devote a lot...
  13. 74Weld Bronco Portals now available!

    Also note, as I said before, I've been out of the game a little while and I know there was discussion in the class forums about this rule. It's entirely possible that it has been changed but hasn't made it to the official rulebook yet.
  14. 74Weld Bronco Portals now available!

    The lead tech inspector for Ultra4 is a member here, and used to race 4600 himself. I know he's not purposely overlooking anything for anyone. He's a volunteer and spends weeks in the desert on his own dime. That said, tech inspection is for safety. They don't go through the cars with a fine...
  15. 74Weld Bronco Portals now available!

    Just looked at the current rulebook and it doesn't look like it has changed. The wording isn't the best as it's a bit circular, but basically it still says you can't modify or remove body mounts. In this specific case I feel like you could make the argument that all the metal outboard of the...
  16. 74Weld Bronco Portals now available!

    That's an interesting question. I haven't scratch built a 4600 car since 2012, and haven't raced the class since 2018ish, and was Racing an XJ the last few years so that rule didn't really apply. Originally though the only way you could modify the body mounts was to allow for the roll cage. In...
  17. Crash Bar Delete brackets from SFR now in stock!

    I couldn't tell you, I haven't seen theirs and I don't see anything on their site. EDIT: Found it now. Same purpose, but different execution. Theirs bolts on and is 3 times the price. For something that requires permanent removal of a welded on part, I prefer having the replacement welded on as...
  18. Crash Bar Delete brackets from SFR now in stock!

    If you're wondering about the install, yes a sawzall is involved....and a welder.
  19. Crash Bar Delete brackets from SFR now in stock!

    We're not talking about unbolting the crash bars, or putting a pretty cap over the openings, this is the real deal. If you're running a high clearance bumper or big tires you know how obnoxious those giant brackets are up front. Now you can give em the axe, with these simple inexpensive body...
  20. Air Locker-Equipped Ford Broncos Dominate King of the Hammers Every Man Challenge

    Best advise i can give is take whatever budget you have, both time and money, and double it.