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  1. Told my daughter not to lose momentum going thru the mud

    So the minute she felt slippage she GASSED IT! I was in front and didn't get pics. Christmas Valley, Oregon.
  2. Mabett customer service

    Had a mabett mudflap break after 26,000 miles. Saw half of it fly off in the outside rearview mirror on a freeway on ramp. Contacted them and asked about buying a single. He sent a replacement free of charge. I don't know if he read my latest message, I just wanted to acknowledge excellent...
  3. New Years Day

    Early morning, Oregon Coast.
  4. 205,000 miles on 2.7 first generation

    FWIW, one of my sons is the sales manager at a Lexus dealership in Oregon. Yesterday he called me from work and said they took in an F-150 in trade. He was aware that it was first gen of that engine. He said he just took it out and it ran perfectly, and that he thought it would be safe to keep...
  5. Live Fire

    Well this was a new one for me. Live fire exercises! Had to leave part of the beach. They were really nice about it. Support the troops!
  6. 07/23/2023 4:48 AM

    4:48 AM.
  7. Cape Blanco

  8. Torx plus 23mm

    So I ordered the KC Flex era 3 ditch lights. But I can't find a 23mm Torx Plus bit. I thought Ford made mods easy on Broncos? Where can I get a 23mm Torx Plus bit?