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  1. New York Sold: Grab handles set of 3 - black/blue

    Selling a set of 3 black/blue grab handles. Perfect condition. $140 shipping included. Please respond here first, then send me a private message. Thanks.
  2. Rattling on day 1 of ownership

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to stay calm, but I drove my bronco home yesterday and the engine rattles like crazy both at idle and under acceleration. When I listen with the hood open at idle it seems to be coming from the front of the top end. It sounds like little rocks being shaken around in a...
  3. Black Diamond rear bumper, plastic or steel construction?

    I know this topic has been beaten up, but a few pictures I've seen recently have me questioning things.... Can the owner of a 2023 Black Diamond confirm plastic rear bumper (smooth top) or steel (grip/textured pattern on top)? Bonus ask... the black diamond had 2 rear tow hoops in 2021. Is...
  4. Actual azure (gray) 51!

    Quality 2023 build and price... they're really messing with us now. It looks like they put junkyard doors on a 4 door that was t-boned. Azure grey body with area 51 doors, nah.. I'm good thanks.
  5. Azure Gray 51 gallery of F150

    https://fordauthority.com/2022/09/2023-ford-f-150-lariat-in-azure-gray-real-world-photo-gallery/ *Props to GPPBronco who coined "Azure 51"