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  1. Looking for Recommendations for Running Boards for 2024 2-Door Badlands

    Those full IAG running boards help with parking lot door dings too
  2. Manual transmission scraping noise / grinding sound

    Back in Feb, had TSB done...but with "C" syncros (D's weren't designed/released yet). Now at dealer for version E tyranny install.
  3. MGV Storage Lid - Moisture

    Comes off easy, need to pop off floor tailgate shroud & the 4 tie downs. Bet you have a wavy sheet metal cut for that storage bin drop-in. Mine did...picked up rubber weatherstripping, think it's also 4 bolts to pull the bin
  4. Badlands-SAS or no SAS

    Mine is...well, you can read the signature ;) But, manual gives the gearing you get from the auto/squash combo.
  5. Passenger Seat Rattle

    There was a seat TSB, not fully engaging the slide lock??? Had problem w/ mine not gliding forward for back seat access/egress...sorry, 2dr ;) Dealer replaced rails and other hardware, preforms better...but, I still have to push seat towards the console to latch to rails
  6. Manual transmission scraping noise / grinding sound

    From my Ford rep (today): I was able to confirm that a new transmission was ordered for you today. I have escalated the part for your case as it is showing as back order at this time. The next update for your part’s escalation will be provided by 4/5/23. Remember, I had the TSB w/ c-version (d...
  7. Grimm Offroad Mount + ARB Twin Compressor Underhood Install -- DIY Video

    Nice "science"...but, remember that theory only applies to when the temperature hits -20 lol ;)
  8. The Future of the 2-Door Bronco?

    You mean Stellantis?
  9. Manual transmission scraping noise / grinding sound

    I think it was a price increase in value, no cost to me. Kinda if you ordered an off-the-shelf replacement
  10. Manual transmission scraping noise / grinding sound

    Just heard back from dealer, they confirmed a new part revision (E) for the entire transmission...as well as a jump in cost of ~$1K. Backordered, of course. Mine had TSB w/ old (C) synchros and, per Ford, replacement is the next route.
  11. OEM Roof rack crossbars?

    Roger that, same way as now without the bar...fair enough, thx Roger that, same way as now without the bar...fair enough, thx
  12. Anyone Removed / Accessed the Window Switches?

    Ford makes a trailer break module, center console gets modified in directions...space closer to drivers seat is used for button locator. Forget the VM2DZ number...check the accessories offical page
  13. OEM Roof rack crossbars?

    How easy to pop the front panels w/ the extra bar? Ordering 1 tomorrow before the 20% expires ;)
  14. Manual transmission scraping noise / grinding sound

    Not really worried, stopped by to tell dealership noise was back...they then called Ford for next steps (output shaft gear was changed & a few other trinkets in addition to the 5th/6th TSB). I just want confirmation that new tranny will be updated...but, Getrag's are noisy as per other forums
  15. Manual transmission scraping noise / grinding sound

    Had TSB completed, with the C-versions, D wasn't released yet. Noise has returned after ~200miles, much more muted...shared my woe w/ dealership. Ford responded with replace whole transmission. I asked for the dealer to confirm w/ Ford that the "new" transmission will have the "updated"...
  16. Cheapest way to add 4-5 gallons?

    North ME woods...ah yup ;) Got camp up there, Mt. Kathadin views. Torn between BadAss or tire strap
  17. Badlands SAS or Non-SAS ?

    Remove the auto & you get 4.7's ;)
  18. Wireless charging pad - phone tray/bracket/adapter?

    lol...I use a USB cable ;)