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  1. 4 door rear cargo area help

    Am I missing a plastic piece or is this how it came from factory? I finally got my stereo all dialed in but I can't remember if there was a plastic piece over this section that I lost or if there was never anything there. 4 door hard top 2023.
  2. Speakers giving off a high pitch squeal after stereo install

    I've recently put focal slatefiber components up front of my 23 4 door. I have 6.5 slatefibers in the mabett pods and a single 8 jl audio w1. It's running off an audiocontrol ACX-650.5 It puts out this high pitch whine/tone that is absolutely deafening. I had a shop install it and it only came...
  3. Help with people building their Bronco - Discussion on planning and preparation

    I've made some of the most basic mistakes someone can make by not planning my build or doing "good" research and trusting forum posts entirely on purchases (usually only one or two posts.) I have a front bumper I hate that looks cheap and while totally fine, totally functional, is not what I...
  4. Baja style fenders - anyone know who is making these?

    I can't get past the look of these fenders. Anyone doing a fiberglass replacement fender front and rear like what is in this photo? A liner would be ideal as well, but I'd be up for roughing out something/making a placeholder for the right kit.
  5. Tailgate Molle?

    Anyone using a Molle panel on the tailgate that doesn’t cost 300+? I see ADD had one, Goose has one, but they’re both $300 plus. Also, anyone who is running any type of just molle, not a table, but just a Molle panel do you get any rattles? I have the JCR tailgate table and it rattles like heck...
  6. Where to tap to have backlight on light bar come on with headlights

    I'm not great with wiring... well I'm awful... and I've got an s8 with an orange backlight I'd like to tap into the headlights so that when they auto come on, the orange backlight auto comes on as well. I'd rather not tie it to an aux switch. Where are people tapping for that type of light...
  7. Any DFW Forscan folks offering help?

    I am looking for someone local who is familiar with Forscan and has access to the tools to help flash a few things for me. It seems to be a bit outside my depth and honestly I don't have a pc laptop to use if I wanted. Anyone around here willing to help out? I really just want to flash the...
  8. Texas WTB Factory Ford Molle for tailgate

    I’m looking for the factory molle kit that someone would let go of cheap. I just need a lightweight storage option and don’t want to go with bolt in steel solutions so here we are.
  9. RCI rear shock mount / trailing arm skids in hand

    Anyone else preorder the RCI shock mount skids? Mine just came in and they are IMPRESSIVE. Thick as heck, covers the trailing arm a bit in the same piece which I'm not sure I will love or regret in the future, but for the price they were an absolute steal. I will get them installed later and...
  10. I bought the cheapest Mabett ripoff dome light on Amazon

    I saw it for 40 bucks and decided to try. It seems... cheaper than I expected. There will definitely be gaps between the bar and this light, so I'm reluctant to install it. Later today I plan to remove the factory light and plug this in just to see light output in order to compare, because if...
  11. Texas Center console grab handle blue 60 plus shipping OBO

    Replacing it with molle panels. Basically new. 60 plus shipping gets it.
  12. Carplay / Android auto issues - a survey

    I've now technically had my bronco for 7 months. In reality it's been closer to 4 due to time spent in the shop for windshield wiper issues that still are not fixed. I have had carplay on my phone break no less than 2 dozen times. Refuses to connect, all the changes in settings, delete and add...
  13. Texas Sold: Allied Expedition spare tire reinforcement and JCR engine skid 100 dollars even

    I just want these out of my house. The JCR needs hardware, and it might need some hard love to get it to line up. It's just dirty and I'm not going to clean it for pics. The Allied Expedition reinforcement is great, still new, just not using it and it's taking up garage space. brake light...
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  15. Texas Sold: VALKARIE SHOCK SKIDS NEW 40 dollars

    Impulse purchase I ended up not using. I'm going to go a different direction in the rear. 40 dollars plus shipping. You can pick them up if you’re in dfw as well. I just need the cash. Retail is $125 https://valkyrieoffroad.com/shop/2021-bronco-rear-shock-skid/
  16. JCR Crusader and Baja Designs ONx6 20 inch light bar help

    I have no idea how to put this together and I'm afraid this bumper was designed for use with a different bracket type/layout. I see how an s8 would work but not this... Anyone used the two of these? I am desperate for help @Baja Designs @JcrOffroad any ideas?
  17. Door sill protection - full edge

    I'm finding that my dogs are tearing up the paint jumping in and out of the bronco. Anyone have a high quality door sill option that isn't going to break the bank but isn't junk either? I'd love to see what people have done.
  18. Broken into in a well lit public garage

    So my bronco was broken into in a public garage while visiting friends at their home. 50 dollars stolen, some of the tools from the toolkit, a battery jumper tool I keep, some medications I take that I keep a weeks worth in the car and some of the Baja designs lenses that I had stashed in the...
  19. Texas Sold: Allied Expedition Tailgate Reinforcement reduced 100 bucks

    Allied Expedition Tailgate Reinforcement with relocation bracket and third brake light extension. No logo on it at all. Two spots for antenna and holes drilled for accessory mount on flat part. Not using it as I'm going with a tire carrier bumper. 100 dollars plus shipping or you can pick it up...
  20. Fender replacement options?

    I know advanced fiberglass has a kit, and I’ve seen the fiberwerx replacement fenders as well. Anyone else making replacement fenders and rear panels to get rid of the plastic flare entirely?