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  1. California $300 4DR 2021-2023 DELUXE RAISED LID CARGO AREA ENCLOSURE *NIB*

    Selling raised lid cargo enclosure for a 4 door. The item is new in box; has not been opened at all. I purchased months back on sale, and will no longer need it. Asking price is $400 obo. Located in Rocklin, near Sacramento...
  2. Aftermarket Wireless Charging Pad Upgrade Options?

    Did a few searches, but couldn't find the specific answer to this question. Maybe I missed it. Has anyone attempted to upgrade the wireless charging pad to a third party for better functionality? Specifically while still looking OEM. I know power supply would be the same, but maybe better...
  3. Seat Cover Recommendations

    Anyone have recommendations on seat covers to help protect from summer heat on Leather or Vinyl? I searched around the forums and it seems Wet Okole and Bartact are good choices. Just hoping to hear some real world experiences. Thanks!
  4. Washout Floor vs Carpet -- cabin noise difference?

    Does anyone have experience with cabin noise difference when comparing washout floor to carpet? Preferably with a hardtop. I really like MGV, but not sure how much louder interior will be. As a daily driver I am not sure if it would get a little old after a while. Thanks!
  5. Washout Floor Noise Insulation by installing sound deadening material underneath?

    Anybody thinking about installing sound deadening material under the washout floor? Just curious if anyone has considered this as I hear the washout interior has more road noise. Thanks!
  6. Marine Grade Cup Holders?

    I was messing with the Build and Price this morning. Did MGV always show cupholders in the second row? I know the Bronco doesn't currently have them, but maybe it is a change coming?
  7. 2 Door Soft Top

    Didn't see any posts about this, but I guess you can order a 2 door with a Bestop soft top, but you can't deselect the hard top option. Like, why not? Sorry if this is old news
  8. Soft Top Window Storage

    Didn't know where to post this. Never had a jeep or convertible. Maybe someone that has can chime in. I know the the soft top windows can scratch easily. Does anyone have tips for proper storage when they are off to minimize risk? If they are stacked on each other in the cargo area I figured...
  9. Today Kinda Sucks [LOCKED FOR POLITICS]

    Hey Everyone, Hope you are all having a happy Wednesday. I just wanted to vent/speak my thoughts. Today kinda sucks. I was lucky enough to get a VIN very quickly without a reservation in December 2021. It was a mixed feeling because I wanted the delivery to happen near the end of 2022 to plan...
  10. Opinions on Reordering

    Hey Everyone, I need some advice. Sorry for the long story, I just want everyone to understand my train of thought. I am thinking of bailing on my current order with a production week of 2/14, and submitting a new order. I placed the order on Nov 27th 2021 without a reservation assuming that I...
  11. Back up camera on while driving

    Does SYNC 4 allow you to turn the back up camera on while driving on surface streets? I know some, but not many, cars do. I ask because I know the the rear view mirror is blocked with the soft top all the way back. I know they have the rear view mirror that connects to a camera, just trying to...
  12. I have some bad news.

    I was told today by my dealer I have a build week of 2/14. I have my VIN to confirm. So here's the bad news. For everyone else. I ordered 11/27 with no reservation. Badlands, SAS, Lux, 2.7, soft top. The soft top makes a difference. Sorry for all that are still waiting. Edit: for all the...
  13. Ordering a MIC Top After Delivery

    Hey Guys, I will be placing my order on Monday for the 4 door Badlands. I, eventually, want both a Soft top and MIC. I think, never owned a soft top. I am considering ordering the vehicle with a soft top, and ordering a MIC top from parts after the dust has settled later. I know it is more...
  14. Opinions on Delivery Timeline

    I wanted some opinions on my situation. I have not placed an order or made a reservation yet. I made a deal with my wife I would wait until we replaced her car 😒. I absolutely want cyber orange. My build is a CO, 4dr, BL, sasquatch, MGV, Lux, 2.7. I know I want a hard top primarily. However, I...