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  1. Bilstein 6100 vs OME Kits

    Anyone hear if the Eibach heavier rear springs have made it to market? Been almost a year since there was activity on this thread and I'm hoping Eibach released it during this time. I don't really see it on their website? I'm deep into an overlanding build and have added a lot of rear weight...
  2. My Overlanding Build!

    He doesn't sell them today. He's a custom cabinet builder for high end homes. This was a bit of a distraction for him fueled by friendship and beer! :) He built two of them simultaneously for my buddy and I. We helped with the design concept and the install. Buddy has a 4 door BD and I have...
  3. Howdy From Fort Worth, TX!

    Great advice on the install. Thanks!
  4. Howdy From Fort Worth, TX!

    That's a great looking rig! I'm seriously considering that DV8 Spec front winch bumper. How hard have you used the winch so far? Any issues with stress on the bumper? I assume you started with a SAS rig to add 2" lift and fit 37's, correct? Any rubbing issues at full clock off road?
  5. Top 4 Mickey Thompson Baja Tires

    11,000 miles on MT Baja Boss installed by Discount Tire in Mesa, AZ. No more flats off road! The stock tires were terrible for getting holes punched in them.
  6. All I want for Christmas is... raised floor with two full slide drawers for the cargo area (only)

    I don't have links. The sliders allowed the assembly to extend and lock into place fully extended, but the lock still wouldn't allow easy access to the jack. To allow easy access, you unlock the assembly, like you're going to fully remove it from the sliders, slide an addition 3 inches or so...
  7. My Overlanding Build!

    Be sure to post up what you're working on when you're far enough along. Super interested in learning what you come up with :)
  8. My Overlanding Build!

    Dayum! That's a helluva cool overlanding build. Terrific work on that! I'd love to see a photo of your battery solution under the floor. Your rig is about as clean and functional as any I've seen. Well done! I'm a EE, so the electrical stuff is easy to do, but I can't help but think the...
  9. My Overlanding Build!

    Happy to help out a fellow Bronco owner. I'm around this week and can show it to you. Bring a camera and tape measure! I suspect you'll be able to learn a lot about how to build yours, and I'd be happy to share a few lessons learned as we went through the process. :)
  10. My Overlanding Build!

    He might if you're willing to bring it to his shop in Prescott where he can take measurements and look at it. Does the 2 door have the lower floor in the back like the 4 door? It it the same height?
  11. All I want for Christmas is... raised floor with two full slide drawers for the cargo area (only)

    He didn't make formal plans. He took a bunch of measurements, then made a few wood jigs for shapes, like the contours of the back side of the cargo area. He made two at the same time for me and another buddy that owns a Black Diamond. We brought our Broncos over to his shop, with an ice chest...
  12. All I want for Christmas is... raised floor with two full slide drawers for the cargo area (only)

    I'll check in with him to see if he wants to make more. He makes high end cabinets for homes and is quite busy, so I'm not sure he wants the distraction of this, and I doubt they'd be inexpensive to make. Just the sliders alone are quite pricey. He laminates the side anchor wood blocks to be...
  13. My Overlanding Build!

    Awesome! I don't know how I missed that. I'll see what I can do to adjust it.
  14. My Overlanding Build!

    The side panels are really terrific. Super beefy. I'm confident that I could carry two 4 gallon stacked Rotopax on each side if I needed. I don't recall having the ability to slide that front fairing up and down. It bolted into a fixed spot. But maybe I missed that? I don't have a lot of...
  15. My Overlanding Build!

    Wow! That's no joke. But those sliders are high precision and so smooth. I knew they couldn't be cheap. I owe my buddy more beer!
  16. My Overlanding Build!

    Now a battery system in that lower storage is an amazing idea! I carry around a 700W portable power station to power the fridge. I have a solar panel that mounts to the roof rack that recharges the battery as it's powering the fridge. I can go like this indefinitely as long as I get good sun...
  17. My Overlanding Build!

    It's all about how you arrange the beer in the ice chest. IPA's on top, necks sticking out of the ice just waiting to quench the thirst. Coors Light on the bottom to slow down the affects before any serious mistakes get made with the big saw :)
  18. My Overlanding Build!

    As far as I know, the Goose Gear drawers are too tall to have a level floor when you fold the seat down. I would have preferred an off the shelf solution, but I haven't seen it yet. The Diabolical storage shelf is close. And talk about waiting!? I waited 3 years and two weeks to finally...
  19. My Overlanding Build!

    Unfortunately, I don't have a link and I don't know too much about them. There are the sliders for the drawer, which are pretty basic and probably super easy to get, and then the heavy duty sliders for the whole assembly. They can hold 300 pounds extended and can super extend so the entire...
  20. My Overlanding Build!

    Maybe so. He's pretty busy building custom cabinets for homes. A buddy of mine and I bought Broncos at the same time so we talked him into making two of these at the same time. My guess is that he'd probably need to charge a couple grand for each one with the costs of the high end wood, the...