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  1. 1500 miles and cracked windshield

    Surprised it took so long. It’s small. Hopefully doesn’t spider. Not going to fix it unless it does
  2. Bronco leaving winter storage soon

    It’s on a trickle charger but concerned it won’t start or some other issue might pop up. Anyone use home through this yet?
  3. End of winter storage - oil change?

    Changed oil before going into storage for 5 months. Should I change it again after?
  4. Winter storage tips / steps?

    Does anyone put their Bronco in storage for winter time? If so, any tips? trickle charger? Fresh oil change? Over inflate tires to stop flat spots? Full tank of gas?
  5. On The Go Dual Bed Standard Deionizer

    Just picked this up for a water spot free wash. See how it works out tomorrow. I have a general low PPM(100-155) so this system should last quite awhile. anyone else use a DI system?
  6. Fast Intentions Axle-Back Exhaust Installed

    Just installed the 1600 black ceramic version. Welds are very clean and coating is fantastic. Install was super easy. Gives a nice rumble and sound with no drone. Not crazy loud but just enough. Haven't driven it enough to tell if there is any performance gain but also didn't buy it for that...
  7. Off Roadeo NH 8/19

    Just booked with my daughter who will be going off to college few days later. She'll also have some driving time there. Going to be a blast!
  8. Car wash help

    Not able to wash vehicle at home. What’s the best method to wash car other ways that is safe for paint?
  9. Got my truck convoy # but.......

    United Road Service won't give me any info. Told me to have dealer should out to them. Sent dealership a email with needed information and tried registering for a United Road account in the mean time. Anyone else go through this process?
  10. CSX Rail Tracking - Placed in Storage

    Just got an update from the CSX system status update is "placed in storage". Haven't seen that on this forum before. Anyone else run across this?
  11. Thoughts on hood idea….

    Been interested in a aftermarket hood to make the soon to arrive Bronco standout but think another direction might be best for a cactus grey Wildtrak. First option would be just to wrap the hood with a gloss black film too match all the other black on the WT. Second option would just to have...
  12. Official Ford Bronco Grille Black Lettering Overlay Kit $110

    Wonder how these stand up to the ones that can be purchased on Amazon for fraction of the price...... https://performanceparts.ford.com/part/M-1447-BLMB
  13. CSX Rail = No Status

    Tracking went to shipped on 6/25. Got all my rail information from Ford Chat. Used CSX's automated tracking system and showing no status at this time. Wondering what everyone else has seen on timeframe on how long it takes CSX's system to update. Hoping by end of week but not sure if rail's...
  14. $500 Amazon gift card. What to do with it.........

    Just got a $500 gift card from my work for being there 5 years. Only things I have left that I want are the Ford tune and exhaust(Fast Intentions) but either are sold via Amazon. Any other ideas?
  15. Bronco Wildtrak Width

    Trying to figure out if my ordered Bronco will fit in the garage. I park a 2017 Accord in it now. According to both vehicle specs the accords width is 72.8 and Bronco's is 75.9 without mirrors. Does this mean mirrors completely removed(of course isn't happening) or just folded in? If the width...
  16. New Hampshire Sold: Grey Grab Handles

    Anyone have any for sale? Looking to replace the WT blue ones with grey. Would like to purchase not trade. Not interesting is using a stickerfab overlay.
  17. Thoughts on these potential upgrades?

    Just wondering what fellow members might think of a few upgrade ideas. Few things I'm still undecided on but the ones I'm leaning towards are in BOLD. Let me know you're thoughts. Build date 6/12 but expected to of course to move back. Wildtrak, CG, High package Exhaust -Fast Intentions or...
  18. DV8 vs JCR Pinch Weld Covers?

    Looking for opinions on these 2 covers. I'll outline what I like and don't about each below. Not interested in doing tape or paint. Also don't like the other brans such as IAG and StickerFab. DV8: Like - They go up higher then other brands Don't - Mounting hardware isn't as appealing. More the...
  19. Current constraints / unavailable options for 2023 Bronco -- Wildtrak, Outer Banks, cloth seats & more... (as of 3/24/23)

    Attached it a sheet have to me at dealership showing what can’t be ordered and percentages. I was surprised to see Wildtrak and Outer Banks cloth seats on the list. Looks like I’m getting leather.