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  1. ADV Fiberglass - Bronco Hardtop Teaser - Part 1

    That’s reassuring to hear that they offer quality off road parts. If this top is a better option than the MIC top from Ford then I just might change my order once again from the MIC to the soft top and wait for this one of course pricing, modularity, and options is some major factors for me.
  2. Maxlider Bronco Build at SEMA 2021

    Awesome! Thank you so much!!!
  3. DBrab_1914

    Tennessee Bronco Club

    No build date yet. Probably won’t get one until middle of next year (just my guess).
  4. Maxlider Bronco Build at SEMA 2021

    Agreed. Saw some on another post before SEMA. They looked cheap but these look much better and higher quality
  5. Maxlider Bronco Build at SEMA 2021

    Ooooo that backlight for the BRONCO letters….NEED it
  6. Baja Forged | ADVfiberglass fender flares Bronco Build at SEMA 2021

    I love that color and those fender flares are perfect with the right amount of poke. That interior is nice and tasteful. Best one at SEMA so far in my opinion. Wish Ford would have made this green a factory option. May have find out what color this is and to look into custom painting mine this...
  7. Choosing the soft top or MIC top for MY22

    I keep forgetting that the Mod top is coming. If I do still keep the soft top on my order at least we get the prep kits to buy a top later. I have the lock boxes on my order too I think it's a must have if you want to ride around with the top off pretty often. With me living in Blount County and...
  8. Choosing the soft top or MIC top for MY22

    I'm not sure about maintenance on them, but I think as long as you store them with like sheets or towels in between them and keep the widow parts from getting scratched as well as only hand washing and spraying it should keep it looking good.
  9. Choosing the soft top or MIC top for MY22

    I won't lie those side windows don't look good. The windows to me are the main part that needs work.
  10. Choosing the soft top or MIC top for MY22

    That's awesome that you're getting one in December congrats. Yea I have been thinking about where to store it if I am unable to get a garage. I may need to schedule a test drive of one with a soft top just to be sure, but I've heard that they MIC takes two people to take off even the middle...
  11. Choosing the soft top or MIC top for MY22

    That’s true. People can break into anything. I’m not worried about privacy because I plan to get 5% tint on the sides and 30% on the windshield so to me that helps with security anyways and makes it harder to break glass. I might take my chances with the soft top since I found out that I can...
  12. Choosing the soft top or MIC top for MY22

    I live in Tennessee and in a suburban area. I park in an open lot so no off street parking thankfully
  13. Choosing the soft top or MIC top for MY22

    That’s what I was thinking. I’m not sure if a garage will be available at my complex next year either. Plus with the MIC I honestly would probably only take the front and middle panels off.
  14. Choosing the soft top or MIC top for MY22

    I am in the process of placing my order for my Outer Banks and the only difficulty that I’m having is choosing between a soft top or MIC top. I originally wanted the MIC top, but with the issues and delays I’m concerned with choosing it for next year. I live in an apartment, so I don’t have a...
  15. AREA 51 Bronco Club

    Really? What do you dislike about the soft top?
  16. AREA 51 Bronco Club

    Looks just like mine that I just placed on order for MY22 yesterday but mine will have the modular bumper since I want the diode dynamic foglight kit! I love Area 51 and I'm excited! Got the soft top as well although I wanted the MIC top. How do you like the soft top?
  17. DBrab_1914

    Tennessee Bronco Club

    @vrtical I do want the MIC top, but I just emailed Jay Styling and he told me that if I want a 22 then to order the soft top. Honestly, I'll probably just do that and get a hard top later when everything is worked out. I've looked into things and I plan to get the safe deposit box for extra...
  18. DBrab_1914

    Tennessee Bronco Club

    @daddycreswell Thank you! I haven't been assigned to a sales person yet I guess due to this being my first time placing an order. This is all new to me since I've NEVER ordered a vehicle before. I'll send him an email asking some questions. I really appreciate it.
  19. DBrab_1914

    Tennessee Bronco Club

    Hey guys, those of you that are placing an order with Two Rivers Ford did any of you see that the online ordering tool through ford.com opened up this morning? I took a look at it and I am able to submit my order to Two Rivers, but it asks for a $500 deposit. It does however show the invoice...